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  1. That is awesome. The whole collection... looks tasty. I think I would name them as Fridge 1, Fridge 2, Fridge 3
  2. Grade 5; Saw tower one fall right before I had to go to school. Ended up talking about it with our grade 5 teacher -- it was a long day.
  3. That is mad. Windows 8 will boot up faster then turning my monitor on haha
  4. I do not have one atm. Hopefully I will get a USB 3.0 device for review soon
  5. Lol... just ask anyone with Telus whether they want that to be the future. No games for them
  6. LOLLOLOL It's pronounced "You-Bow". I would love to hear someone say "You-EE-Bow" though haha. (btw, I call dibs on the m100) Maybe a black guy? (G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!) JkJk
  7. Well, review is up! Enjoy http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/xigmatek_elysium Yes there are wheels Unfortunately, they have a huge flaw! (read review to find out!) If I am not mistaken, the HAF series of chassis by Cooler Master also provide casters. I remember seeing a set of wheels on Preston's HAF 932
  8. Cool, thanks for the tips! hopefully they are better now
  9. I'll have to admit, the G-Unit looks mighty fine eSPORT's product line is starting to look quite beefy
  10. Louie would take such a work as a a compliment
  11. Sooooo.... I totally forgot about the previews for this review. Good news is, review will be up shortly haha:
  12. hahaha :lol: LAN party review ideas FTW! Thxthx A-Gaw you were probably looking forward to reading this one after the LAN party eh? haha. looks like I pulled it through
  13. LoL... L10 GT Snow eh... White on the outside, black on the inside rofl.
  14. That's why I rejected the offer to review this case when it was presented to me. It would feel awkward reviewing Devin himself...
  15. I still think 1.6 was and still is the best in the Counter Strike series you can call me old fashioned, but there is a reason why 1.6 is still widely played and why tourneys such as the upcoming DreamHack MSI sponsor the game. But hey, if I can still pwn my fellow co-workers in a LAN party playing CS GO, than I'm all up for it!
  16. ^ ahahaha yea... I just HAD to put that phrase in somewhere.
  17. Review is up for viewing, enjoy : http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/thermaltake_chaser_mk_1
  18. As promised, here are some previews for the upcoming Chaser MK-1 -- hope you like :
  19. Tony is the main marketing manager at SilverStone. He's pretty much the person you are going to talk to for Silverstone's new product line-up if you are lucky enough to visit CeBIT, Computex, CES, etc. Remember, these comments are from those who found the In Win Dragon Rider to be attractive So something as sleek and refined as the RV03 would appear to be quite alien to them
  20. Well, it is a very well designed chassis. But a little bit too flamboyant for APH taste haha.
  21. ^ +1 on that. I loathe side panel fan grilles. I never use them and they look terrible.
  22. Wait...Tony Ou? He's seriously like the face of Silverstone haha. I actually read that a lot of individuals were complaining at the gold trims. All matter of opinion of course but ya, I think the gold trims look pretty darn good.
  23. Yea Shock Spin is in my possession Previews for the Chaser MK-1 shall be up by the end of the week.
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