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  1. Haha, it is good intro material. Australia intro version 2 revisited? Well anyways, here are a few more photos -- hopefully this will answer most of your questions of why it's upside down:
  2. Here is small teaser for what's to come:
  3. ahh the outer shell is aluminum? Hadn't noticed. You can actually fit that in your wallet? Do you secretly use a purse? I mean, were fine if you do...
  4. Oh such a good idea! We are totally doing this in the summer. Josh n I were talking about LANnin it up just this morning (He just got permanently banned from the server we usually play on LOL)
  5. Also never tested that route. Actually, if I am not mistaken, you are allowed 1 adjustment in your parking -- parallel and perpendicular. Obviously, most of us would use the one adjustment to move back forward to straighten the wheels after backing up into the spot. I adjusted my perpendicular park once, and the instructor did not mind at all. In the end, it can also all depend on who you get too. I believe Preston failed his first time which was the exact same location that I passed my very first time on, so good luck getting a slack test!
  6. Hey, welcome to the forums! Did you take driving lessons from an instructor? I have to admit that AMA did a tremendous job teaching me how to parallel park. My only advice to you is "practice makes perfect". Just do it a thousand times and it'll be second nature. I personally would not suggest using the side mirrors, especially on your drivers test. I personally would think the driving instructor testing you would instantly fail you for doing something that is not very conventional; it would be a lot better for you to not be dependent on technology -- it can kind of mock the testers who drive Hyundai's lol. Surprisingly, I passed my first time with the "JJAAAAAGGGG"
  7. Haha wow, you actually bought one?! Congrats! I am itching to upgrade my Vertex 2 -- need more space!
  8. Editing is pretty much finished. I've gotta say, pretty good review Devin!
  9. ^ Mmmm i agree. It seems a bit too plastic, especially around the key chain hole.
  10. @Kenneth, we all need to have a game of Counter Strike one day. Then you can see me attempt to use it using Skype haha. @Jonathan, pshhh, no way, can't be detected Although I assume it would raise a few eyebrows to no-scope headshot someone a mile away
  11. Yea, the review is pretty much finished; just waiting to get it edited before publication
  12. Ya, I'm thinking of retaking pictures. The annoying thing about heatsinks is that if your first set of photos aren't up to APH standards, you have to take the heatsink out again to make another set
  13. Well, let's not assume. First we've gotta see how many respond to this thread. Everyone else that doesn't shall be presumed dead...jk n happy birthday Jonathan. When he blew the candles out for his cake, he was left with 17 girlfriends plus or minus a few. He blew again and we knew that 2 of them are gonna be longterm .
  14. ^ +1 on that. Let's finish the countdown Chc has 3 SB comps TL has 2 SB comps I have 1 SB comp
  15. Lol... JohnRocks got juked.
  16. haha ya the Azurues is as basic as it gets for a gaming mouse. I am so tempted to use the transparent decal on my monitor. I really wanna see what it feels like to have a crazy no-scope spree
  17. Ya, I'll be honest, it is a little fatter than most USB drives. But hey, its faster, so no complaints from me
  18. Sorry for the late preview, but here it is:
  19. Got a short look at it just a couple hours ago. I could spot it a mile away -- those beautiful stunning blue lines I can't wait to see how it performs. Although the price tag for one is quite hefty http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820220584&cm_re=patriot_supersonic_magnum-_-20-220-584-_-Product
  20. Okay, now that I have a sig, I'm looking to have an avatar for WLM and such. Anyone?
  21. I highly doubt it. If it does, than that would be a pretty darn good purchase (You should test them out lol, jk)
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