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  1. The jack itself is actually broken inside. If you know anybody that's experienced in soldering at the motherboard level, please let me know.
  2. Currently looking for someone to outsource laptop DC jack repairs too. Anybody?
  3. Glad you're alright and that your car is fine too (that sure was a close call!)
  4. As long as it doesn't have a metal/plastic unibody shell, or anything like that, I'm happy.
  5. Yeah I think it's a bit easier now. With websites like osx86, you can find compatibility information, as well as step-by-step installation guides.
  6. So, how many of you have ever built a hackintosh? I currently have two: - HP dv9700 running Snow Leopard - Dell GX520 running Leopard I'm planning on building a new machine to run Lion sometime soon; just haven't decided on specs yet.
  7. Looks great; just hope it isn't a pain to take apart if a client brings me one for repair
  8. Yeah; I always use WD Caviar/Scorpio Black drives for customers (when their old HDD has died); unless they are on a budget and can't spend the extra $20-$30. 5 year warranty, great performance, better mechanics, and yeah, just an awesome HDD overall.
  9. Yeah, in my opinion, the only winning platform that AMD has is Fusion. The E350 and C50 APUs are actually pretty decent; better than Intel's Atom chips, that's for sure. However, on the desktop processor front, Intel really has a lead in performance, power efficiency, and overall architecture. I don't really want to see a monopoly in place, but unless AMD really drops the prices on their chips, I don't see much else happening in the near future. If their 8-core chips were like $160-180, then yeah, I think they would be doing a lot better. I would be willing to purchase one at that price, but not any more than that.
  10. Well, admittedly, I've never owned a smartphone. So, I know there are a few choices out there, namely, android based phones, blackberry, Windows phones, and iPhones. I will be using the phone for my business, to keep appointments (entered into Google calendar) synchronized. More or less, voice calls and email will be my main priorities.
  11. Can you easily edit/change calendar events, or can you only view your calendar? The reason I originally mentioned android is because Android=Google, Gmail=Google.
  12. That's really sad. People need to realize that their lives have immense value.
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