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  1. I have thought about switching too, but my current retention plan on Fido is actually better. Probably one of the better plans Fido has offered in the past. $35/ month Unlimited Canada-wide minutes 2GB of LTE data (+2 GB for 2 years) Unlimited texting Spotify Fido Roam Voicemail, Etc. I recently called in for the extra 2 GB when Virgin and Fido were giving out additional data with their plans. Not sure I'll be able to find a better deal in the market nowadays.
  2. Yeah, 10GB goes by pretty fast when you tether. Even in HK.
  3. Congrats Aaron, welcome to the STE fold. (On second thought, that sounds a bit weird. Oh well!) Looking forward to seeing more from Aaron in the future.
  4. I know all about that feeling. Haha
  5. Thanks for all your hard work over the years. Sad to see you go, but wish you the best of luck moving forward.
  6. Yeah, I took a break from it for a while. I'm back and ready for more.
  7. And that leads us to the flaws of modern AI. They can only be programmed realistically right now as a set of rules that can learn based on different environments and factors. The day we can unlock the theory of the mind, is probably the day AI can really move to the next step.
  8. The windowed version costs a bit more too. I also did check the prices before deciding with a distributor.
  9. You really never know until you review it anyway. So there is always room and a chance for improvement.
  10. Review is ready. http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cryorig-r1-universal
  11. Looking forward to their products being sold in Canada. That's for sure.
  12. I might as well jump in and answer to some of these points as well. You can wait for chc for a longer reply but I'll just throw in my thoughts as well. I'm not sure why specifying North America is important here. There are tons of review sites out there and the majority of them use these tests to look at heatsinks. There is a reason why heatsinks are tested in such a fashion. It is also used to cool the CPU which is why benchmarks always take into account the temperature measured by the computer. People test CPU cooler based on the performance metrics that matter, and since it'll be used to cool a CPU this is the logical choice. Is it wrong to expect something different? No, but the industry standard is indeed this form of testing. You can throw in more tests if you like, but the baseline is there. Again, I'm not sure how else to explain to you this is what people use to test heatsinks. This is a very hand-wavey apology. If even an apology at all. Saying you have no regrets means your apology was hollow and held no meaning. In order to apologize, you actually have to regret what you did or said. Racism is not something we tolerate here at APH Networks, and as I previously stated, it really leads down a slippery slope.
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