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  1. yea, I recommend all of the above Ideas. Speaking of overclocking, I overclocked myself the other day. I made a ramp for my bike and I put my old watches under it. Then I went off the ramp. I was overclocked. brb gotta go fetch some firewood for the squirrels at the bar
  2. Thats a nice setup Its time for me to getup My pizzas ready gotta fetch me a slice cause all the rugs that I clean are pretty nice If my microwave catches on fire ill get a new one at Canadian tire otherwise i have a lamp that I need to revamp
  3. I have no problem with the picture, but all the "racial" abuse is a bit questionable. I know for a fact that many "coloured" peoples may have a slight complaint about the subject matter in which this picture is presented. Me being a very reserved person i would recommend revising your "slang". And I believe I am delivering a correct message on behalf of the "coloured" population by recommending suicide.
  4. See the thing is, you don't know the correct meaning of there. Keep trying tho bud
  5. Not to mention mine. I had this one guy from the local pinball tourny organization that sent me a message every 5 minutes updating me on the big score! Then his microwave caught on fire.
  6. While were on the subject, lets observe the effects of capitilization : I helped my uncle Jack off a horse I helped my uncle jack off a horse Theres a small english lesson (sorry bout being off topic)
  7. Thanks, I was bored of doing work. I was really competing against myself to see how untolerably long and stupid I could make it.
  8. I believe you've just contradicted yourself. To first say that i'm the village (unspecified) idiot, and then to say that theres a specific village which is full idiots that I am part of. First of all I must then be one of many idiots, not "the" village idiot. Secondly "APH" as ive seen so far isn't actually a physical village OR a city. Therefore your villigifying or citifying APH, which technically be seen as improper. I understood your first play on words, but your second post referring to both villages and cities which both have suddenly appeared. Had I known there was a city involved, I might have then gone for city idiot. But wait! How would i know if the city which im implying you are from is also full of idiots. Judging by your rebuttles and remarks I am inclined to believe that it is. And if you've actually bothered to read all of this, i've already won.
  9. Ok i had a bad experiance with false advertising. I went into the local "Hakim Optical" which clearly stated that "My eyes could have it all at Hakim Optical". To say the least I was very disappointed when I walked in, and my eyes did not have "it all". Anyone else here have any problems of the like?
  10. I'll take that as a compliments, seeing i'm apparently now part of the village
  11. Hey Modem_Noob heres a "different" way to see weather you're monitor is experiancing bad voltage. Just bear with me. Try and find some semi-powerful magnets. They can't be the ones on fridge magnets. Ok you got em? good lets move on. I'm assuming your using an LCD monitor. Find a place on the side that you may have dirtied up (Blood maybe?) and use defensive aggresion to remove the plastic siding. You should be able to see some wiring if you've done it right. Place a set of magnets on top and bottom of the wire (opposite polls). If your monitor is recieving proper voltage, the wires will displace onto one of the magnet (towards the north side) . Theres a positive and negative side to this method. The positive its a sure - fire way to test voltages. the downside is if your voltages were correct, your monitor will probably ceise to work. But hey, if it was broken anyway who cares? eh. K good luck hope it works! let me know.
  12. I found some beauts that you may want to consider. They're JVC brand, and their SOOOOOOO durable. i'll put up a linkSturdy headphones
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