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  1. Vacation Piccys

    Don't know why it was giving me an error before. Works fine now. Looks like fun Weather seems nice.
  2. Vacation Piccys

    I get an error. Error #2048
  3. Help Me Take Better Pictures

    The only thing you can really do with a P&S w/o manual mode is to work with composition and post-processing. "Rule of Thirds" is a good guideline to follow (though all rules are meant to be broken). Learning how to adjust curves in Photoshop works wonders Here's a link to a site I followed when I first got into photography. You can skip the sections about "Exposure" (though it is good to know). LINK
  4. Happy Birthday R3volution!

    LOL! Thanks! (And sorry for not being there to reply MOM...was writing an exam )
  5. Who has the most photos?

    Here's mine.
  6. Netbook Hunting...

    Nothing wrong with Asus. I say get it
  7. Sharing APH with friends

  8. Name: Michael Choi Country: Canada Posts Prior: 1,541 Referrer: chconline
  9. Just bought a Camaro SS

    Sweet Enjoy the car
  10. Hey Guys!

    Hey, I'll pray for heath and safety. I hope everything goes well. You are one of the most optimistic guys I know even considering what you've gone through. Keep us updated!
  11. New theme

    Nice and clean Stupid photobucket bandwidth.....
  12. Facebook Usernames

  13. I hate when this happens...

    LOL mom.
  14. New Linkin Park song - New Divide

    ^ Your writing style is really confusing. Just get to the point. And saying is "Stick and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me." As for profanity is music, its definitely not needed, but it does add something to the music. I think the occasional swear word allows the artist to express anger and passion in ways that could not be done otherwise.