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  1. Hello, I just bought a Acer Aspire 5920 that came with Home premium and loads of other payware by Acer. So I decided to remove vista and put on Xp Pro. Turns out, Acer doesnt even have drivers for Windows Xp on their site, only vista. So now I have no idea how to reinstall Vista and get all my hardware working again (network, webcam, sound, etc)
  2. Text, word, rtf, etc anything that I can right click and copy I tried the "export playlist" feature in winamp but that includes a bunch of extra un-needed info
  3. Hello I would like to generate a file of all the artists that I have in my iTunes/Winamp playlist. Does anyone know how?
  4. Hey, I have my icon view set to "tile" but for some reason windows will only show the first two (sometimes first three) letters of the folder name; This is fixed in "detail" views. Any ideas?
  5. Screenshot of the shared drive
  6. Hello, Starting today I was no longer able to share files or even see the other computers that are in my workgroup. I have three computers on "workgroup" who used to be able to see each other, now only two can see each other and the third one cannot talk to any computer. They are all on the same workgroup and no firewalls are installed. The third computer has a static IP address and the other two do not.
  7. I really don't specialize in this type of field, I'm more of a Web2.0 designer. But here is what I came up with.
  8. Yay!! It's summer outside. Clean: Dirty:
  9. haha the only weak acid we used was acetic acid (ch3cooh).
  10. Thanks, HopkinsProgramming!
  11. Hey guys, Working on a chemistry report, stuck on the part where I have to show three different lines on the same graph. I got to the part where all three lines are on the graph, but there are no lines just points. Here is an example of what I want it to look like. And this is what mine looks like.
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