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  1. Come To The Sabbath by Mercyful Fate Classic stuff
  2. Wow, I just saw this thread topday, nice job man! best of luck in your future efforts, apologies for the bad spelling
  3. I really can't get into LP's new stuff anymore, only their Hybrid Theory-Meteora period.
  4. Wow, and we're getting lots of sun here. O.o Although I miss the gloomy rain in BC, haven't had that for some time... don't ask why, I just love rain way more than sunshine. :\
  5. Ah, much different than the Nile album I bought.
  6. Happy new year, guys! Hope you guys had a fun time last night, I know I did. XD
  7. Ah, sweet. I'm in gr. 12 at Centennial Secondary.
  8. Shift, you live in BC too? O.o I'm in Coquitlam.
  9. It all depends on your taste in games. All the games I like are on 360 (or are being ported from PS3) to the 360. The only game I wanna play on the PS3 is MGS4. That's literally it...
  10. You could get the Xbox 360 Elite edition with the HDMI cable included out of the box.
  11. I plan on heading to Capilano College for a degree in graphic design.
  12. Alright, I finally got my XBL connection going by use of a good ol' Crossover cable and network bridging on my wifi connection! Add Lukerman64 if you want, I'm new to XBL. I played CoD4 for a few hours, I'm only lv. 16 right now though.
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