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  1. Come To The Sabbath by Mercyful Fate Classic stuff
  2. Wow, I just saw this thread topday, nice job man! best of luck in your future efforts, apologies for the bad spelling
  3. I really can't get into LP's new stuff anymore, only their Hybrid Theory-Meteora period.
  4. Wow, and we're getting lots of sun here. O.o Although I miss the gloomy rain in BC, haven't had that for some time... don't ask why, I just love rain way more than sunshine. :\
  5. Ah, much different than the Nile album I bought.
  6. Happy new year, guys! Hope you guys had a fun time last night, I know I did. XD
  7. Ah, sweet. I'm in gr. 12 at Centennial Secondary.
  8. Shift, you live in BC too? O.o I'm in Coquitlam.
  9. It all depends on your taste in games. All the games I like are on 360 (or are being ported from PS3) to the 360. The only game I wanna play on the PS3 is MGS4. That's literally it...
  10. You could get the Xbox 360 Elite edition with the HDMI cable included out of the box.
  11. I plan on heading to Capilano College for a degree in graphic design.
  12. Alright, I finally got my XBL connection going by use of a good ol' Crossover cable and network bridging on my wifi connection! Add Lukerman64 if you want, I'm new to XBL. I played CoD4 for a few hours, I'm only lv. 16 right now though.
  13. Keep in mind I got this for my 360...
  14. Yeah, the resolution of 1900x1200 should be supported.
  15. If anything can run it the most "maxed out" it would be PC. Textures and models are sharper on the 360, and shading/lighting is better on PS3.
  16. Yes, CoD 4 is available on PC. As a matter of fact, you can just buy it on Steam.
  17. I like the Wii, and Microsoft is just trying to market the 360 as more of a family console with more family games due to the fact that the huge population of their games are first person shooters for older gamers.
  18. Glad to know you're not steaming mad like a lot of the 360 fanboys. XD Now, I actually kinda like the avatars. I wasn't impressed the dashboard design in the first place, so this makes me happy.
  19. You will love this, or essentially HATE it. Here Personally, I actually like it. This is a HUGE shift in the Xbox design, and as far as I know, if you guys don't like your avatars, you can switch back to regular GamerCard pic and themes, or just don't update the Dashboard as a whole... Everything else is fine to me, except the avatars are too Mii-ish.
  20. What perks are recommended at that point?
  21. You didn't need to make a paragraph for me, chc. Anyway, BC gas is around $1.52 where I am. Now my dad pretty much ALWAYS makes me take the bus. Back on topic, what's a good class setup for a CoD 4 beginner? I'm an assault rifles guy, with the occasional shotty in hand.
  22. Ah, sweet. Well, I made my sister happy by buying her a PSP and Vice City Stories today (Yes, she loves running people over in GTA). I'll seewhat else is gonna happen in Edmonton. Gonna go to WEM sometime for sure.
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