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  1. Wow Alex, you grew tall since the last time I saw you.
  2. Oh, nevermind. I filled my cart with what I needed, clicked the check out button (Canada) and one of the options besides FedEx and UPS and all that was the 'Pick Up' option at one of the four stores in B.C. Although I don't know if I'm still paying for shipping... EDIT: Looks like I don't even need to pay anything by selecting this option...
  3. Meh...seems kinda pointless to me, and a waste of time. Anyway, I plan on getting this computer in about a month or two. Is it possible to just set up an account on NCIX, fill up the cart of what you want, and set it to be picked up at a store?
  4. Well, I got a debit card, just not a credit card.
  5. Sounds good, but does this still require a PayPal account or Credit Card? I can't do those things, unfortunately.
  6. This sounds great man. I'm not buying it online however, I'm buying it at an NCIX store. Thankfully I'm in B.C., where all the stores are located. Yayz0rs.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but won't buying a pre-OC'ed graphics card also make it produce more heat? I don't want to buy an aftermarket cooler for it.
  8. Ok. So what's the toal price gonna be? I'm too lazy
  9. This all sounds good, but...with these components, how much will it come down to? Also, I'm not too sure about a pre-OC'ed 8800GT, as I've heard they are easy to OC if you use something called RivaTuner, and it saves you money. Maybe I'm wrong? :\
  10. Now that I've been working double shifts and getting paid twice as much as I usually would, I have just about the money I need for a nice gaming computer. Last I checked a couple days ago I had $925.00 in the bank. Even better is that I'm getting $200+ more every 2 weeks. So, I plan on getting... -GeForce 8800GT (don't know what company, XFX, ASUS, eVGA?) -Asus P5K (Deluxe? I just want the wifi feature and onboard sound on it...) -Any PSU 500W or higher (has to be a good price:performance ratio ) -2GB RAM or higher (I'm NOT overclocking RAM, so anything good will do) -Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (I may OC this...maybe...) -250GB Seagate or WD hard drive is fine, as long as it makes game load times faster -Antec P182, no doubt about that -Cheap DVD burner I'm only really gonna use this comp for CS: S, but the 100+ FPS I'll get will be very useful for all the surfing I do. I'll buy the Orange Box soon as well. Any components I missed? I have no clue what the total amount of money will be, but I'm sure it'll suffice with the budget I have. Thanks again.
  11. Stripped - Rammstein Awesome song, I suggest you guys listen to it or check out the MV. Kinda strange how he sings in English as opposed to German. Edit: The MV has some nudity, but if you're a real MAN, you wouldn't mind.
  12. Pretty nice lappy, Alex. Now...buy CS: Source (Yes, I got retail version with DoD: Source, HL2: Lost Coast, and HL2: Deathmatch) and I'll own you. You should be able to play it now, looking at those specs. Anyone, add me at lukerman64 on Steam. I apologize, I'm just happy to have a Steam account with some actual games on it. XD Anyway, I never knew until just now that you got a laptop. Pretty nice if I must say so myself.
  13. While I didn't get exactly what I wanted, I still got some nice clothes, $150+, and an Axe shower kit thingy. Smells nice.
  14. Yeah...my parents aren't too big on computer components, so it's best that I just get money now and buy the P182 later, when it may be at a lower price. Maybe...
  15. I'm just asking for money this year. I wanted a P182 to start off my build but my parents said they couldn't afford it. Meh. Money's still good, and I have $350/$1250 saved up for my new comp so far.
  16. Yeah, he got it a random computer store for that price, lol.
  17. Hmmm, well as long as they're cheap. My dad got a Seagate 80GB for barely even $30 or something.
  18. Ok, sounds good to me. Thank for your help, you guys. I might not need to buy a new hard drive, I'll probably stick with my older one. I don't care about noise, just storage anyway, and it's still relatively quiet. If it comes to buying a new hd, I'll get a Seagate, as Western Digital is crap.
  19. Yeah, I guess I can try doing that. But two quick questions, are there any good places to buy computer parts outside of online and what would be a good PSU?
  20. Unfortunately, I have no credit card. Are there any other means of buying stuff online?
  21. Yeah, I actually am getting money this time. So for a new build, I was thinking $700-1000. This'll take a few months seeing as I work alternate weekends, only bringing in about $150/month. :\ But that seems like it shouldn't be too long for a person such as I. Anyway, I plan on it having an Antec P180, an 8800GT (not GTS), and if possible, some sort of Core 2 Duo. I also want at least 2GB of RAM. I really don't know motherboards so I'll let you decide on that as well as any other parts. Thanks for the help. I have no clue on how to use online shopping by means of PayPal, so I guess I'm gonna hafta' learn. I was surprised to note how much cheaper it is to build a nice gaming computer now, compared to last year, so it kinda inspired me to do this.
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