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  1. Just going off topic for a moment, but anyone wanna add me on FaceBook if you have it? Lol
  2. And by remake, I meant it's basically an updated version of CS 1.6. You know, you still have most of the original maps like cs_italy and cs_office, but it's essentially the same as when playing 1.6. Although with 1.6 you have to buy ammo instead of it automatically filling up again after each round, as well as a few other minor changes.
  3. ChL, to answer your question, Source games like Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Source, Counter-Strike: Source, and Day of Defeat: Source among others is that it uses the Source engine compared to their previous GoldSRC engine, which is what the original Half-Life used. Therefore, yes, Counter-Strike: Source is just a remake of the original with much better graphics, textures, detail, physics, water, and so on and so forth.
  4. Wow, that's some nice strategies there, chc! I never think too much in CS: S, I just kill who I see and rescue hostages.
  5. And yeah, I seriously hate when the Ts rush the right side of CT spawn (garage door & stairs) I get owned so badly, lol.
  6. Yep, love going through the double doors. So, what'd you think of the Portal ending, shc?
  7. I hate de_dust, but love de_dust2. I only like cs_assault as T and cs_office as CT. I just love fy_iceworld(arena) because I get tons of headshots there. It even came to the point where a few people thought I was hacking, which I wasn't of course. But that's also the thing I hate about CS...hackers. A lot of the time people assume somebody's hacking, when they're really not, and they get banned. Might as well call them a witch, lol. Although sometimes it is obvious they're hacking. Back on topic: I just beat Portal a couple days ago. The ending was a 9/10 on the WTF Scale for me. GLaDOS sings at the end? WTF??!
  8. Got to agree with shc there, classes wouldn't really add too much to the gameplay. And yes, CS: S can get somewhat boring...after 3 hours...
  9. Well, you see, there are great players in CS:S, as many of them are legit owners, but belong to a certain clan, etc. that uses a Non Steam server. Nevertheless,I have fun playing the game
  10. I usually play on Non Steam Servers... I'm sure Steam users can join these servers though. http://www.game-monitor.com/GameServer/208...Server_NEW.html It's got some great players on this server, and occasionally a couple noobs, but it's great. Cs_Italy is my fav map right now, that and De_Dust2.
  11. Yeah, I agree with you gummyz. And speaking of CS: S, I've been playing it so often to the point where, when typing this reply, typed "y" at the beginning. Lol
  12. Lucky you...I know the concept was first found in Prey, but it was being designed before Prey was even released, so Valve innovated the whole thing.
  13. Well the game I REALLY want is Portal....It looks saweet!
  14. I thought it came out on the 10th?
  15. I think the Orange Box came out today, you guys! For those of you who don't know, The Orange Box is a 5-in 1 disc featuring HL2, Ep. 1, Ep. 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. For those of you who want the whole Steam shebang, get this. Seriousleh'. http://orange.half-life2.com/ You guys probably already know about this, so anybody getting it?
  16. Lol, I'm not a fanboy of Macs, I just enjoy them more than Windows. Mac and Windows OS are both great in their own ways. One of the major reasons I want a Mac is not only the "enjoyability factor" as Alex stated before, but because I can run Windows on it as well. I wouldn't buy separate computers for each OS. Bah with that!
  17. In some ways user preference may affect price:performance ratio, simply because they don't really care what the price is, so much as they do about the software and OS itself.
  18. ^^^ True. Anyway, I think I will get the 17" sometime. I don't have too much care for battery life, seeing as I'll be using it mostly in my room as a desktop replacement. However, I will still be using it portable for sure. I also like the 17" screen for its bigger resolution, which is perfect if you're a graphic designer/animator/video editor like me.
  19. I know it's not exclusively for Macs, but it doesn't always run in Windows in Animation software. It's usually DirectX. The Mac OpenGL is different anyway, and more optimized for the stuff I want to do.
  20. Of course it would be a little bulkier if it was bigger.
  21. Not really, take a look at Pixar. They all use Macs for 3D rendering. Movie professionals, like I keep stating, use Final Cut Pro all the time. In my animation class, you won't guess how many time the programs and OS in general has crashed. It got to the point where we lost some files, and even had to stop doing our projects and take the whole block to watch a movie. It gives me more incentive to switch to Mac. I like its GUI, ease of use, and multimedia apps. I'm getting Final Cut Pro right away when I get one! Don't get me wrong, Windows is a great system, but I'd rather use a more stable OS that is great for the stuff I want to do, and not have to get antivirus software (which, by the way, annoys the hell out of me). If I had a Mac, I'd only use dual boot for gaming on Windows XP. Oh, by the way, South Park Studios uses Macs. XD http://www.apple.com/pro/profiles/
  22. Well, yeah. It's not much, but it's better than having one less USB port, is it not? Take that into consideration.
  23. Oh yeah, I just realized the 17" version of the MBP has an extra USB Port, unlike the 15" model. Haha, now I'm even happier about that!
  24. Actually, most often producers and professional editors use the Final Cut line of software for its professional features and ease of use. Many animators also use OpenGL animation, exclusive to the Mac, while Windows users use Direct X. OpenGL offers better performance than that of DirectX in animation/editing software. Looks better too, might I add. DirectX is mostly used in 3D games anyway. That's why 3D gaming on Mac uses OpenGL.
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