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  1. I find the Mac to be better for the application I commonly use. PhotoShop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, all those things are perfect for me. There's a reason most animation studios use Macs.
  2. Yep. I remember those days back when ATI Rage Pro was like the pwnz0rz. I would play Glover on my mom's old comp with it. XD
  3. You haven't seen my current desktop, have you? ...For a gamer, it would be a nightmare, literally. You'd be screaming in your sleep. "WOoOoO! Check out my awesome Radeon 9250 and 512MB RAM with a slow Athlon XP CPU that can barely even run N64 games! WoOoOo!"
  4. I'm not too concerned about power usage if that's what you're getting at. A good desktop replacement that I can also carry around with me is good enough for me.
  5. Yep...like an ATi Rage. Haha...or VooDoo.
  6. Yep...much better heat dissipation. And since it'll pose as a great desktop replacement, why not get it? Seems perfect for a person like me. I do mild gaming, want Mac OSX and Windows, graphic software, that comp is awesome for an artist like me. I don't mind bigger weight. I need to build muscles anyway. XD
  7. Well anyway, I'm thinking of getting the 17" instead. It would serve as a great desktop replacement with its bigger screen, and I noticed it runs about 11% faster on games compared to the 15" model because the GPU is higher clocked, so it can spread heat more with its bigger...space. On the 15" model, it's downclocked a little so it won't overheat.
  8. Lol, some guy said something somewhat like this: A Mac is expensive, PCs are cheap. PCs are like a prostitute on the street. You get 'em cheap, they don't look too good, and get you viruses. Macs are beautiful, you have a great time with it, but they're ridiculously expensive. Please note I don't necessarily agree with this guy's opinions. Gave me a laugh though.
  9. Coolio. But how can you configure a laptop now? There's barebone laptops now? Pardon me for being noobish but I've never heard of laptop barebones if any exist at all.
  10. Well, there's this group called Project x86 or something. Search it up. It seems you can't really upgrade the Mac OS, and it's kind of illegal (but you should know that already). If however, there was a way to do this easily on a laptop, what laptop would be better than the MacBook Pro?
  11. Boot Camp runs Windows at native speed, the same as a normal Windows, that's why. If I can have both operating systems at my fingertips, then that's awesome. Oh, I recently found out you can put Mac on a Windows desktop. That'd be cool, seeing as I can just get Mac on, download Boot Camp and reinstall XP again. XD
  12. Yay for non transparent bar on Leopard! At least that's how I feel. And Alex, while Mac OS X doesn't have the best compatibility, just run Boot Camp. I don't care much about gaming so much as I do about a decent system. It's still pretty damn good for gaming anyway.
  13. You don't need to emulate Windows on it. It's a user preference that lets you have the best of both worlds on one laptop. Pretty nice if I must say so myself. And I don't see how the OS is half rate. Many graphic designers, video editors, multimedia pros, etc. use Macs everyday. It has less bugs, virii, and has a very nice GUI. At least I like it, though the transparent bar in Leopard is kinda...meh. I hope you can change that in the settings. I don't want things to be semi-transparent all the time.
  14. Yeah, Leopard looks damn nice. Although I'm concerned it will be a hog on the system like Vista. I don't see many improvements in Vista so I'd just stick with XP in the meantime. As long as Leopard will be as fast as Tiger right now, I will be friggin' happy.
  15. Actually, many professionals prefer to work in a Mac environment, seeing as it's light, clean, and very efficient with RAM. For example, many professional video editors would rather use Final Cut Pro or the like instead of Adobe After effects, etc. Apparently, Final Cut Pro is easy to use and maintains professional features. I gotta check it out sometime.
  16. lol Anyway, If I got a Mac I'd be using it for most of my computing needs. But if I installed Windows on Boot Camp, I'd be using it mainly for gaming and really nothing more.
  17. Yeah, although I keep wondering if Leopard will run slower than Tiger on a MBP with the same specs.
  18. I'm debating whether to get the 15" or 17" inch model. I know the extra resolution would be nice, and apparently the benchmark fps for games were slightly higher than that of the 15" model. But is it worth the extra money to get it?
  19. Well the guy I talked to said he experienced no problems with it, being a MBP user. I need a laptop anyway, seeing as I will be taking animation courses in a couple years. The MacBook Pro is perfect for that.
  20. Oh, and I talked with the poster of the vid of BioShock on his MBP...he said in this game, 30fps is smooth and doesn't lag at all, and at 60fps and up there's a slight difference in smoothness.
  21. Heck yes. Best of both worlds. But how well does it fare with games?
  22. Nah, I'm not a Mac fanboy, considering I don't even own a Mac. I've always been a Windows user. I'm just really starting to like Mac OSX, and seeing as I can run Windows to play my games as well, that's a huge bonus for me. I don't think I'll be running Vista on it anyway. Too much of a RAM hog. Meh.
  23. Interesting. And yeah, the MBP plays Source games on max settings pretty much flawlessly. (Expect 80+fps) Yeah, they're old in comparison to games like Bioshock and Crysis, but I've always wanted to try Half Life 2 out since its release. I still remember the time I tried Half Life when I was 7 years old back in like 1998 or something. It was kick aphnetworks.com.
  24. Damn, 80fps...nice...nice... But seriously, is 30FPS good in Bioshock? It sounds good to me. Look at this video:
  25. Hmmm...what about Bioshock? I've seen the new Santa Rosa Macbook Pros run it at about 30FPS average with everything set to max with 2xAA, and res set to 1088x612. Sorry for being so specific. XD It's just that I really want a MBP now, provided I get a job soon.
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