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  1. Ok, I know this is a simple question, but since it relates most to PC gaming, I'll just post it here. What exactly is an ideal framerate for playing games? Is 30-45 ok?
  2. I just want something simple, practical, and high on performance. But hey, I would take any case, they're all better than my generic pwn0rz grey cases.
  3. Nah, I was impersonating that black kid from Billy and Mandy. Irwin, I think his name was. Totally happening, yo!
  4. I'm going for Wii. Gameplay and innovation is a big thing on that system, and it seems more next-gen than all the other systems. Xbox 360 looks awesome though, although I'll be playing pretty much only shooters. I.E: FEAR (yeah, it's a good alternative if you don't have a good comp), Condemned: Criminal Origins, GoW, Lost Planet, Bioshock, etc. Maybe Virtua Fighter 5 and Oblivion. Like I said, I have a crap comp, so I might as well get a 360. Not to mention the fact that Bioshock's gfx on 360 look no different than on PC w/ max settings. Perhaps PC is a tad btter, but i never noticed anything different.
  5. Meh. Personally I don't go for flashy stuff. I just want performance yo.
  6. I only saw like 20 minutes of that movie, but I just loved it.
  7. Oh dude, I played Extraction Point just now, and I'm just past that part. It was friggin' creepy when the lights went off and you just see quick flashes of that creature. Holiday has officially been owned! I'm only on Interval Two or Three or whatever.
  8. Most of the time though, Alma just appears as an illusion. I found it really creepy when you go down the ladder and she just appears in front of you as you climb down. Yeah, I borrowed the game from my friend and beat it. Didn't like the ending too much though. Too quick, but it was cool to see the final "Origin Project" version of her clinging to the helicopter. EDIT: Oh, the scares in that game are awesome. It's like it's playing with your mind, when really, you're fine.
  9. Thanks for joining APH, Nightcrawler. Hope you find yourself coming here often.
  10. I'm heading off to Edmonton next Thursday.
  11. Nope, not piracy. You see, my comp crashed while it was at 3%, so I restarted the comp and resumed the download. I guess doing so made it lose a bunch of downloaded files, therefore being screwed up.
  12. Well, I fixed it. Apparently it was a corrupt download. Thanks for all your help though!
  13. It was indeed random. Oh, and Herbs, don't worry about looking younger than others, I'm the same way, lol.
  14. Yargh, another software problem. Ok, I was trying to install an Adobe After Effects CS3 trial I downloaded. When I launch it, it starts out fine and starts extracting the files, but then later, it gives me the following message: Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I really wanna do some video editing and stuff. I have more than enough space to install (30 GB of free space), although I don't know what it means by "write privileges on the destination folder." All help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. @Alex: It couldn't be any more true. Wait...did that sentence make sense? Crap...I'm being paranoid about my grammar now...yaargh...
  16. chc: Luke, jump. Me: Sorry I'm busy right now. Later. chc: Ok you gonna do it now? Me: Maybe... EDIT: Oh yeah, Alex's sigs are clean. Except for that really dumb old forest one he did, sorry Alex. Lol.
  17. I really loved RE4, and El Gigante is so damn easy with the rocket launcher, rofl. I have the RE1 remake on my GameCube, and I actually found it to be even scarier than RE4 on the GameCube.
  18. Yeah well mine is 3.40OE-A so it can play homebrew on it. Anyway, so I guess I'll just try the BIN again.
  19. Read the post carefully. My OWN games that I OWN for the PSX! It's perfectly legal to do so when you own the actual game. Just as ROMs are legal when you own the actual game. Anyway, I converted the BIN file to an ISO, and converted it to play on PSP. However, it didn't work. I converted CUE file to ISO, converted to PSP and tried playing it. Still didn't work. Am I supposed to combine the BIN or CUE together, or are my BIN and CUE files bad? That could be the case...
  20. What's wrong with ripping your own* PSX games? I have Megaman X5, and I want to play it on my friend's PSP. *Edited because some people can't read. Sigh...
  21. Thank you very much HopkinsProgramming! I'll try it out now. But this is a PSX game, so should I convert the CUE file instead?
  22. Sorry I haven't posted in a long while, but I need some help regarding making ISO files. Ok, I have 1 BIN and 1 CUE file. How do I convert them to 1 ISO file? The problem is, I can't open them both at once and convert them to 1 ISO. I'm using PowerISO. Someone please help!
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