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  1. You guys shouldtry out rpg maker 2000, 2003, and XP. Personally i don't like xp that much cuz the battle system in it sucks! If you go to http://www.blade2k.net you'll see that i'm working on a project with rpg maker 2000 or 2003 called "Sword's Elegy: The Lost Chapter." Funny thing is i still need to figure out the storyline! You can help me with that by signing up at blade2k and send a resume to me for Assistant Story Editor and a few others. BTW: Am I still the bomb jack champ??!!
  2. Chc, ive known you for like, 2 years right?
  3. Duh! Of course its experimenting! Ive been using photoshop alot at school, and im almost as good as him!
  4. o man this is just hilarious! just a graphic request and then you ramble about swearing! HAAAAAHAAAAA!
  5. The only problem with comp games is that from time to time u have to change ur graphics card just to get new games and i dont relly like that.
  6. Well, my friend has a comp that is nothing compared to urs, and he can still play it really well, everything is great, but lots of blood and vioolence. Now there making a movie of it! BAH!
  7. You guys gotta check out this neat rpg game called "Ragnarok"! It rules! Al though you have to buy it, you can go online and have pets, face goblins, magic, well... u know the rest
  8. Ya, he sure can lol. I cant believe he beat me at the tourny!
  9. Hey every1 im back im sorry i havent been here for a loooooong time. I still wonder if my bomb jack score is still there? Did any1 beat it? geez i need to post way more! im so sorry i havent posted in a long time. whens the next tourny?
  10. Hey CHC i need a banner for mi forums that says "Final Flash" and another copy of the text faded into the backgrond! The background will be reddish-pinkish with a few cool looking lightning bolts. I would also appreciate if i had faded pictures of vegeta, goku, and some characters from final fantasy. A good Final Fantasy pics site is www.adventchildren.net. Thank you for readin this! P.S: The font will be like a really cool looking anime font for the text!
  11. No actually Kenneth never gave the CD 2 me. U shood tell him 2 or else!
  12. Hey I need a logo that says "IMPACT" with the background to be light blue and the text to be faded into the bg and the same text overlapping the faded 1. O, and the text styles should be cool looking since its for a youth group!
  13. The point is i dont live in the US (well mayde aj and erik) and i dont care about any of em
  14. Hey CHCOnline, will u make a new CD Power? If so, add the upcoming MSN Messenger 7.0 to it! Ok? Oh, and what happened to the CD Power site?
  15. ya sounds like a pretty kewl comp to me but wouldnt u rather have the gamers dream?
  16. ok CHC too much details on the gamers dream PC!
  17. This computer he got was a specially designed computer so i think he didn't choose to have over 100 gb, and besides you wouldn't want to spend a lot of money on more memory. I think 5000 bucks is enough!!! P.S: Ajschwab, he spent a lot of money on that computer, since he was adding things on to it. And, wat i meant to say was that Doom 3 wasn't included, he bought it himself.
  18. No it wasnt alienware cuz it never said it and he got it frum Future Shop. Plus, it didn't look different like the AlienWares do.
  19. ill go! i bet it'll be exciting, since i love playing bomb jack anyways. i hope i do well!
  20. I have a friend who's older brother is 19 and has a 5000 dollar comp!! Im serious! Its got everything, cd burner, dvd burner, tv, dvd compatible, wireless keyboard, and even 100 gigs!!! Super-fast internet! You name it, hes got it! Even the new game, Doom 3!!! And its freakin awesome!
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