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  1. the speaker and in-call volume were both extremely low. I ended up letting HTC know and talked them into sending me a prepaid sticker. They ended up not having any parts in stock and offered to send a refurbished phone instead. Overall, not a horrible deal i guess...
  2. I love road atlanta on forza at least, cool video
  3. What version of android software do you have on that HTC One X+? Had any problems with the phone? I just got mine back on warranty for issues with the speaker volume...
  4. DVI lol. I do use Display port to HDMI cable on the macbook pro for TVs
  5. I'm going to consider picking one up depending on the feedback
  6. Personally, it makes me want to switch back to PC games.
  7. Huh? Early 2011 Macbook Pro. But yeah, a few TB of external HDDs. Either that or taking out the CD/DVD drive and replacing it with a HDD.
  8. well i feel kinda lame... ordering a few TB though.
  9. hahah, it's an awesome city... We're right by the stampede grounds which is going to be nice as well.. Good to be back, i'm going to try and regularly post for awhile.
  10. Sup fellas. Haven't logged on in awhile, but i thought it'd be necessary to check in and make a few posts over the next few weeks seeing as how I'm back in the APH HQ.
  11. I haven't been into computers since you had to pay $100 for a 160gb hard drive, these things are cheap now days.
  12. Thanks fellas. And for 172k, not a whole lot of maintenance. However, with the off-roading and abuse, I do tend to break a lot of ****. It's definitely a work in progress, tweaking things here and there. Anyway, forgot to post these pics awhile back.
  13. Sup fellas, it's been awhile since I've posted. Never put any pictures of my whip, so I figured why not. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 171k miles, loaded with options like leather, heated seats, dual climate control, etc. Going on a off roading trip with a local 4x4 group soon, will post some pictures. In the mean time, heres a few oldies off fb...
  14. Assuming it's in your price range, apple has a great line up of laptops. 15inch macbook pro's are epic
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