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  1. Ill explain using my design knowledge. DPI is the amount of dots per inch. Printers do not lay a solid coat of color, but a series of colored dots to make up an image, Most digital printers work at 300DPI, so if you need to print something, 300 is your number. 72 dpi is used in billboards, those huge plotters that spew out a 6x12m page, that since it stands on a poler far far away, people don't notice the enormous ink dots. Try to print with 72 DPI again, but make a very detailed image, something that has many edges and color changes, you will see the difference.
  2. IMO, it does look like an ipod video... but what else can they do? big screen + buttons under it, thats the ipod design... that the only design there is! btw: you guys noticed, behind the new box, the remains of the old one... that cracked me up
  3. theres my grain of sand, too late now to do any more... but Ill be back tomorrow
  4. hl2 source is completly messed up, all those crazy weapons, you can fling toilets at each other!
  5. I wrote a review on the Belkin MicroScroller Optical Mouse, a mouse for travalers, kids, and apparently deaf people. click on image to view I dont re.post the whole thing since I have all my images uploaded to my servers, all is HTML, you know how it is. You can comment this thread if you like it! Thanks Enjoy
  6. I am using it and I am very pleased, it does not feel like a Beta, except for the fact that is set to save in 2007 format, which is not readable by 2003 machines... sooo, you must change that yourself, other than that, the skin is very nice, kinda dreamwaver oriented, with tabbed menus and everything on hand. I really like the quick options menu for a selection. When you select a line of text, you can move you mouse up and a small windows will fade in, with the most common applications and changes one might do to a selected text! I like it.
  7. name: Diego Location Venezuela Posts: 582 chc
  8. usually, it ranges from 1 to 3 weeks, untill you get full potential, then it lasts you for about 6 months at best, then you need to replace it
  9. you dont really need 200$ to do a template, for example, I payed 20$ for a licensed extremepixels skin for ipb, and then modded and created a new mkportal skin for my portal based on that skin, now, logostrip, index bar and block templates are very much the same, and its visually appealing, not so many colors, making it look serious, and also tech related. [advertising removed] main reason why I havnt been on aph lately) of course, I had to manually code the skin, based on mkportal's templates
  10. Off topic content removed chconline
  11. Im 16, and I dont have it yet, but thats only cause im too lazy to get my mind checked with a bunch of shrinks...
  12. 1 billion EDIT: I have 2 pools, a basketball course, a small football course and a sqash hall... wanna party?
  13. Hi, I did a transfer test, just for the fun of it, and noticed that my HD is giving back insanely low results! Its working at less than a 3rd of the Sata transfer rate, which should be around 150mbps, mine is only at 41.8 mbps avg! what could be wrong? maybe a different SATA port could fix it?
  14. you also need to get a pulse or a tripod for the camera man! I like that tv man, congrats
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