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  1. Hi chconline, Is the last photo a toilet? Elmo
  2. Hi everyone, Can you show a link Gigabytes website? I cant find it. Elmo
  3. Hi chconline, Do you think I should buy over discounted MX100? Elmo
  4. Hi prestonyuen, How much cooler compare to the smaller cooler? Elmo
  5. Hi B.Cheung Looking forward performance results Elmo
  6. Hi chconline, Do you look for FractalDesign Define R5? Elmo
  7. Hi chconline, Looks like V-MODA XS is winner yes? Elmo
  8. Hi chconline, is it compatible with any car? Elmo
  9. Hi aeroLai, Thanks for the review looks like good cooling performance. Elmo
  10. Hi chconline, Very nice setup cost alot of money? Elmo
  11. Hi chconline, Love your workstation. Elmo
  12. Hi chconline, Do you recommend for using on the bus? Elmo
  13. Hi chconline, Nice detector does it false in the city a lot? Elmo
  14. Hi aeroLai, This or http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cooler_master_nepton_280l? Elmo
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