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  1. Oh yes , though I am very slow ( in fact we may be using DDR7 memory by then.)
  2. Sorry for the delay answering had a google to make sure I was not talking my usual rubbish. Oil is at least 8 times better than air at conducting heat. psu fan cpu fan seem to work fine submerged and on line there are examples of 'em still working 12 + months later. But we are going way off topic , so perhaps we should leave it . When I finish I will post pics. thanks
  3. Many thanks, I will have fun. I would like to promise to post my results sometime but reoccurring illness is a problem. off topic I am well behind on putting my HTPC in light mineral oil inside a copper case and no external cooling, or internal circulatory pump - on paper it seems quite feasible. Only I would like to add a Nvidea 750 so my original case shape will have to change. and I fear I will then need a pump . Don't want one etc etc.
  4. Thank you chcoline. I came to AHP to benefit from the advice of hardened enthusiasts , sadly I feel the subject is too lowbrow for this forum. if any one has any interest could I suggest reading http://www.anandtech.com/show/8232/overclockable-pentium-anniversary-edition-review-the-intel-pentium-g3258-ae third comment is a chap running an H61-m board with stock cooling at 4.2 a little better than " a few hundred MHz" and gosh only 3 phase . No doubt he will come to a sticky end. In the review they even mention the word " fun" - not an enthusiasts word I guess. I would like to say without ANY sarcasm I remain grateful that people replied to help me but I'm clearly on wrong planet here.
  5. Asus h81 plus- on reading the manual it certainly looks like I can overclock with it. Since buying my first (and only) pre-built PC in 1994 I have have a high regard for Asus mainboards. I guess I am just a bit lazy as I am hoping some one would reply " Yeah I'm running a G3258 on an H81 board and getting a reasonable overclock " thanks to all.
  6. Many thanks . Its the kind of board I hoped for. Kind of you to help. I think I may have an inkling about voltage delivery "apppreciate on board power regulators on lower boards are not meant for this purpose" but I am willing to learn more. I can only agree. I have an Antec 300 case knocking about somewhere and an H61 water cooler left over and a second hand Artic air cooler doing nothing . It's not my office machine nor will it replace my home computers. Maybe I am trying to relive my youth -,just looking for a bit of fun
  7. Thanks. I 100% agree but on on a £43 cpu I am looking for a sub £50 board. I have hard drives and small SSDs ,memory,and a few quality power supplys so I really want a minium spend on this. The trouble is while I have heard of workrounds I have found little of real life experiance or specific motherboards . I don't want to boldly go where others haven't - I prefer a well trodden path. I am fairly certain I could get away with a Z87 , but what about H81 etc. I do apppreciate on board power regulators on lower boards are not meant for this purpose , although I feel todays componants can take a lot of abuse. In the past I successfuly burned out a few cheap boards overclocking Athlons (mostly ECS) and had bubbling caps. Today the boast of "solid caps" is not needed as there is very little diferance any more , though prejudice is hard to overcome. ECS now make very good enthusiast boards but I am scarred for life.
  8. I would like to play with the unlocked G3258 but I want a low price motherboard to put it on. I will not use the board in the future with a more powerful processor , it will probably end up with one of my grandchildren as I also have an i7 760 an i5 2500 and a celron 1037u htpc. I have read Asus have released a bios update allowing an overclock on some of their low chipset budget boards and I assume other companies have/will , follow. Along time ago I had an E160 running at 3 GHz 24/7 on air prime 95 stable. In winter in my garden on an open case with a couple of housefans I could hit 3.9 and it was fun. So anyone got any suggestions please . Otherwise I am condemed to spending my evenings drinking , smoking and dodging phone calls from mates with "computer problems". Thanks for your time.
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