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  1. I wouldn't expect some pussy who stayed home with his mommy on halloween to know the difference between fireworks and firecrakers
  2. YOu don't know much about pyrotechnics Fireworks are things that display light things like fountains, roman candles, jumping jacks, certain bottle rockets. Firecrackers don't display anything other than a spark and they include things like mighty mites, mad dogs, dough boys, germans etc...Firecracker usually only contain one compound usually black powder where as fireworks contain many differen't types of powders and compounds for the light shows. Even if you got the powders out of fireworks they wouldn't just burn they wouldn't explode.
  3. Since when is it possible to blow up stuff with fireworks? Only firecrackers and germans can do that. Unless you gathered up the powder and made your own cherry bomb.
  4. You said you blew up pumpkins, with firecrackers not fireworks
  5. lol If anyone egged my car I'd run 'em over Didn't any of you do any fireworks?
  6. I didn't do anything I got alot of fireworks though. I still have 250 mighty mites(firecrackers) and 3 Caramel FOuntains left Some of my friends went trick or treating I went along a little. Most of the girls were playboy bunnies
  7. Thanks Nimbo, but you guys were a little late I answered it at school
  8. i gotta answer this Q: The sum of the first 6 terms of an arithmetic series is 447.The sum of the first 7 terms if 567. Determine first 4 terms of the series. Anyone know the answer?
  9. Ya real tragedy >_< My mom woke me up and I watched the second crash live on CBC I think
  10. Java is a nice language to make a FF extension. Instant Messaging stuff is easy too except I can't really do much since my firewalls are too secure and it's a hassle to enable/disable them. >_< We can always make an online game like Connect 4 where we could own each other online =P <- thats what Im making right now
  11. Wow me too we must be like twins xD xD 11111111oneoneoneone!!!!!!!!!!!! I also read "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ .NET in 21 Days" but it sucked aphnetworks.com because 90+% of the book talks about MFC to spite the fact that it's called "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ .NET in 21 Days" not Microsoft Foundation Classes.
  12. Ok I got the selections to this; And I can probably change a couple things if my mom gives me a $200 =D What do you think?
  13. I don't recall, and I probably wouldn't have known what a mobo is but I would know what a MotherBoard if said Mother Board and not mobo! lol I dono all I remember was it was a eVGA.
  14. Thank you And I remember my friend's comp has a AMD Athlon X2 4600, the 7900 g-Force GFC card, 2 gigs of ram I think, and 300 gig harddrive. Not sure about the very specifics.
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