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  1. Visual basic is the most popular and most widely used programming language basically because it's so easy and has design mechanisms. In this tutorial I will explain how to make a simple browsers. Start up VB6 and make a Standard EXE and click CTRL+T and in the components window's control tab scroll down to select Microsoft Internet Controls and check it. Press OK. Now in the tool bar there should be new icon; click on it and make a control on the form as big as you want. Then these controls: Control name text box txturl command button cmdgo command button cmdback command button cmdforward command button cmdrefresh So it should like this when you run it: Click double click on the cmd go and add this code: Private Sub cmdgo_Click() WebBrowser1.Navigate (txturl.Text) End Sub This will make the browser navigate to the address the user entered in txturl. Simple enough Click on the the cmdback button and add this code: Private Sub cmdback_Click() WebBrowser1.GoBack End Sub Click on the Forward button and add this code: Private Sub cmdforward_Click() WebBrowser1.GoForward End Sub This is self explanitory Click on the cmdrefresh button and add this code: Private Sub Command3_Click() WebBrowser1.Refresh End Sub Also self explanitory. Now you can do more complex things with the browser: Like making a button go to a certain url you would add this code: Private Sub cmdgoogle_Click() WebBrowser1.Navigate ("http://www.google.com") End Sub This will make the browser navigate to google.com The thing about visual basic I like the most is the way it actually teaches the user. It is predictable so you can make your own codes easily. This is the most I can do right now I have homework. But if you have any questions go ahead and ask Im not very skilled with winsock but I'm functional so the tutorial will be about Micrsft Windows Socket control. It's used to connect to remote hosts the internet scan ports connect ports retrieve info with HTTPWRAPPERs it is probably the most popular control. Note to use windows internet control you need shdocvw.dll in the system32 folder but most computers come with but if you don't see it in the components list download it from a website. So any questions or comments?
  2. Im always used to the way my computer looks like. Well here's my desktop. Note: To take a screen shot press the "Prt Scrn" on the keyboard next to F12 and paste it paint or something. And it's best to save it as JPG. Post your desktops pics here:
  3. Hey as long as you have Photoshop CS you can make nice templates after that it's a matter of macroes and CSS speaking of which do you still need me to bring the CD tomorrow?
  4. That's true it's the same rule we abide by at Codex. I'll test it out on a crappy test forum.
  5. Whatever I'm guessing this topic can be closed. Oh and on a side note I'm guessing you need to make a forum that doesn't increase your total posts.
  6. You're on but try to do the same with PHP
  7. Sure I'll see when I have time but it's fairly simple.
  8. Ya probably simple packet sniffing and HTTP posting action
  9. Ya you wish speaking of which can you make one?
  10. Ya you could probably beat me ........................ with a auto spamming machine
  11. WTF is a post war and if there was I would pwn all of you. Shrug I can't believe I used that word.
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