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  1. There it is again. You're not saying anything to defend your side of the story and you're trying to change the subject into some drivel. Atleast tell me something that could be held credible about Jesus not having a wife or a daughter. If you don't then I'll know for sure that you are infact just in denial of believing something you don't want to. Im religious but I keep an open mind to everything. Im not supposed to denounce other religions but Christianity is one of the religions that doesn't make sence. Your central holy figure is Jesus but Jesus was jewish. Jesus said there is only one god and Im his messenger and yet you guys say that he was God's son.
  2. You have. You're just making up some crap as you go along while atleast I have evidence that could be held credible for something. So you still haven't proved your point and made a sad attempt at trying to insult someone.
  3. Dude you're not making any sence. If you want to know more about it read the Documentation on the First Council of Nicaea and Gnostic Gospels before you blabber out some aphnetworks.com bullshit like that. Link to Gnostic Gospels Link to First Council of Nicaea Im not saying that Jesus did infact have a wife. But there is very good evidence that he did. It proves the Islamic account that Jesus was just a prophet of Allah and like all the other prophets he was married with kin. So as far as Im concerned, you can go suck a big fat hairy aphnetworks.com.
  4. Buddy with all the stuff you said you didn't even try to back up your statement. And wtf is wrong with my proof? As far as I can tell you're just an over devout Christian in denial.
  5. Why don't you close this thread instead of the threads that atleast carry on a topic? This is just nautical spamming.
  6. Then how the aphnetworks.com do you explain how the Gnostics writing that Jesus had a partner? as far as Im concerned you just state something you'd like to believe and don't say anything at all to back it up at all. And don't just close the topic because it's getting heated or off topic.
  7. Oh ya that was the First Council of Nicaea which was held by Constantine the great. They had a meeting with some of the smart people from rome's administrative council. And historians say that they voted on Jesus' divinity and Mary's prostitute business. It could infact be true but Im not entirely sure. I mean I don't think the God wouldn't want mentions of an impure woman in Holy Scriptures It's Vinci =P Their is some good evidence that Jesus infact did have a marital relationship with Mary of Magdila. The Gnostic Gospels of Mary Magdelin recovered in Cairo in 1896 suggests that Mary was infact the partner of Jesus. Partner back in those times meant husband or wife. The Gnostics Gospels are the earliest accounts of Jesus' life so I think anything written by witnesses might be more factual than something written by hear-say documantation. They say that almost all the Jews back then were married so why not Jesus. Not son, daughter. The Gnostics said Mary feared persecution and with the help of Jesus' followers, I think Peter, she fled to Gaul which nowadays is southern France. There she give birth to a girl named Sarah. The Da Vinci code says that the family then married into the Merovingian family and somehow survived to modern times.
  8. Some depictions of real life orgnizations like Opus Dei and such might be somewhat inaccurate but the most the plots are factual. By plots I mean things they discuss like the Knight's Templar being killed by Pope Clement.
  9. Not exactly, in the Da Vinci code the author analyzes the painting Maddona of the Rocks where Mary, Ureal, Baby Jesus and Baby John are taking shelter in a cave. The painting shows baby jesus bowing down to John the baptist. So this means that Da Vinci give some suspicious hints in the painting about his thoughts on John being a rival of Jesus. This was done by Leonardo Da Vinci not the author. In Islam both John and Jesus, or as we call them Yahya and Isa, were prophets of God who preached salvation and monotheism and neither of them were rivals to one another. Most plots in the The Da Vinci code are factual. But the story is fiction.
  10. Well GoodOClint explained most of it but from what I remember John was born to Elisabeth and Zacharia. Zacharia was mute until he was circumsized. John started baptizing in Jeruselam and baptized Jesus. The next day he announced that Jesus was the lamb of god that takes away the sin of the world and Jesus then starting baptizing others
  11. I like Digimon the first 3 seasons not the cards and action figures and that stuff. It's a pretty nice series with the story line any everything.
  12. Well that doesn't nessevcarily mean anything. Any historian will tell you that Mary of Magdilla and Jesus of Nazerith were really humans.
  13. What kind of Christian, I should have mentioned Im a Sunni Muslim =]
  14. Just curous as to what people's religions are I am a loosely devout Muslim.
  15. I've never even played KH, but the render has a nice blend of diff colors and was perfect for this method
  16. You guys said try a diff style so I tried this: Version 1: Version 2: What do you think?
  17. Im aware of the fact that it looks like my other designs, I even mentioned it, so maybe you guys could comment on something else
  18. I know same kind of look as my other stuff but I like it What do you think?
  19. Ya I like the redish warm colors
  20. Kind of different from my normal stuff but I just felt like doing something with out the usual game render Comments and Suggestions?
  21. oh man it's so hot around here too >_< I gotta take like 3 showers a day to stay cool and I just use a fan to stay cool in the mean time
  22. Ha I made one of those once things once Anywho I want to catch The Da Vinci, religion intrests me and I want to rub it in my christian friends face that Jesus had a wife who give birth to a girl named Sarah in Gaul
  23. Alright alright so I can tell you guys don't like the grain texture over the render so here's V4
  24. Thats true I am making the sig for myself here's a version with diff text:
  25. Anything by Adam Sandler so go watch "Click" =] Or if you want to rent: Billy Madison Waterboy Mr. Deeds Big Daddy Happy Gilmore you get the idea
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