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  1. My Current Compact digicam is Canon SD700. It has decent battery life, good quality. However I hate IS function. I'd rather depends on my steadiness, because sometimes IS is just completely make your picture SHAKING. What I don't like about this camera, weak auto focus capability in zoom at the low light condition. Don't have AF or AS function. 4x Op Zoom is not enough apparently .. My Mom who bought it... for 300$.. without telling me first.. Well, like year ago. However, I plan to get Nikon D80 (DSLR). Maybe I'll wait until thanksgiving .
  2. I remember I was asking this question .. 2 years ago? lol. However this is my EQ 4 0 -6 2 12 Smart Volume On Bass Boost On Have fun with your Zen =D
  3. Why would you go for tablet? I think the "Pen" feature is dedicate for artisan, for better hand-made drawing. Writing down a memo, note, with a pen never make any sense to me, since it should be 100x easier to pull out a paper with your pen, start to write, rather than boot-up your tablet PC. and while you're on your desk, typing with keyboard is 100x faster than writing with hand.. (in my case). Tablet-PC durability also being rumored more fragile than any ultra-portable PC. Unless, if you go-crazy about the "touch screen" technology for daily use (beside art-projects), PDA / Smartphone / Mobile-PC is better than Tablet-PC in my opinion. Regards to Asus EEE PC 900, I was excited, until I noticed that they still using the same 900MHz processor. I was realllllyyy hope they will upgrade it. I'm using M1330 right now, been 4 months. It serves me well, I love it. For battery wise, I do intense browsing, forum, nonstop, chatting with wireless, I gained 3.5 hours most of the time. And yes, it's a quiet laptop.
  4. She bought SD700 x_X; Oh well, but she can return it tho lol. but she looks pretty happy with that --" I think I'll save up myself to buy my own someday. G7? LOL OMG, $$$ xD
  5. Does AAC have less filesize, without ceasing the quality?
  6. aw... poor iPod then.. Maybe they should release AMA instead of WMA =d.
  7. I believe lukerman will be laughing his aphnetworks.com off if someone steal his cucumber. But just not sure which cucumber it is. His aphnetworks.com aphnetworks.com aphnetworks.com aphnetworks.com OMG THIS FORUM PWNED ME! O___O; Arse Yay? o.O lol I made it.
  8. 300 x let say... 3mb each. 900 mb. (Aprox size for 128kbps). How much iPod Shuffle's capacity? 1 gig? Unless using WMA format.
  9. mihimaru GT - Hallucination Well, I think nobody here know all songs I listen to xD
  10. http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n5/stov...pg?t=1177886848
  11. So.. what will happen if your ZVM plugged to my computer? O_O; Will it erase all the songs in it, and fill it in with my songs? This feature is really weird.. the computer should read and update from DAP, not in other way...
  12. But SD 1000 also shoots movie o.O; So it's just OIS thing.. but is it so expensive? Or maybe I should consider A710, but the only thing matter just the batterei, it's AA type, not li-ion one that rechargable inside the camera. Does AA type is good? Approx, how many picture could taken, with and without flash? (LCD display all time). A710 = 6x optical zoom, 7 MPX. =/ 250$
  13. My mom wants to buy a digicam. But I hold her, to decide which one is better. SD 700, 6 MPX, 4x Digital & Optical zoom. (35mm - 140mm) SD 1000, 7 MPX, 3x Optical, 4x Digital zoom. (35 - 105mm) Both have almost the same spec (IS included (image stabilizer, from shaking)). Both same using Li-Ion Batterei. But SD 700 = 300$, while SD 1000 = 230$ Why is that? O_O; Anybody using Canon here? Is that price different just because the zoom effect? Does Zoom difference beat down the Resolution in price? But man, 70$
  14. That suck... How to make the Organizer always updating with the curent tracks in my ZVM? Not otherwise.
  15. I have a question again, everytime I delete some tracks from my ZVM, next time when I plug it in to my computer, to add more song, or just charging, the deleted tracks are revive o_O; I tried to syncronize, but it says the "Tracks found in computer" are about twice as much as in my player. And it gets error everytime I tried to syncronizing. Any idea what is this? It won't happen if I delete the files from computer when it's plugged..
  16. yes DAP, even somehow it reminds me to.. Download Accelerator Plus. Hey... how to edit my post o_O, I can't find any 'EDIT' button here. (OH there you go... just can't edit the old post eh? x_O ) I have 1400+ now, after deleting few hundred songs, and added the new one. Btw, how many of you are really taking advantage of Playlist facility?
  17. Can someone tell me the benefit from dual monitor ? Using 3 monitor, isn't it a bit.. uhm
  18. Now it's more like a rotten testacle... dude....
  19. Using ZVM, with 6ri, with Smart Volume ON, 12/25 is my normal. =)
  20. I repeat then... I have 1225 Musics on my DAP.. And Thousands on my PC... All downloaded. Personal use is my aliby, since I was born in pirating culture land. Har har har.
  21. @ty81: What source what? @ch, maybe it has something to do with the earphone. With the same volume, some earphone is louder compare to others?
  22. Lame MP3 = Noob/Idiot MP3 lol j/k. It just too bad doesn;t support OGG (I love OGG --")
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