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  1. It doesn't work. Playlist will dump all songs in there, and sort it by title. What I want is.. Play folder 1, song a1 - z1, and then go to folder 2, play song a2 - z2. Not play a1, a2, a3, a4, - z1, z2, z3, z4
  2. Btw one question for Zen Vision M: How to play All songs, in orderly by Folder? My old mp3 player, Creative MuVo, could play all songs, by folder (folder name) and then Song title. In Zen, I found out to sort all track (but accending by the Song's title). By Album, just play 1 album at the time. Is it just like that, or I missed something? And even more, if I make a folder, separating like. - Japanese --- ayumi --- dai --- yui - Western --- bon jovi --- mr.big Like that.., it will be such a pain, if I want to listen just for J-song for example. With playlist, it won't updating the new song if I add new files in specific folder. Eekk...
  3. Just curious, so, just share it. How many songs in your ADP, and what song you listen to recently? I have, right now.. 1225 songs. And 80% of them are Japanese PopRock songs ^^ Most recently to listen to, YUI & Mihimaru GT.
  4. And when I sleep, I really enjoy listening to my player with 1/25 volume lol. It was sounds pretty clear and nice in midnite time =) But in my workplace, and outside, usually, I set it up to 15-17/25 (with Smart Volume: ON). Is it too loud or no? What is the normal level of volume that is acceptable for our ears... I never know this fact, since it will be good to know, if I don't wanna lose my precious hearing....
  5. I never thought that we could do such thing with our signature. I mean the pic and linking stuff, like html does.. nice. I'll make one for me too later on xD thank you. And oh, it looks neat. hahaha
  6. So it happens in mostly FM transmitter? That tiny static noise. And btw, my car's stereo is default by Toyota. It's really standart I know, if only I have 6-8 Equalizer Setting on it xD It just have BASS and TREB setting... yes just 2. (from -5 to +5) But somehow I managed it, combined with the Eq Setting from ZVM for the best result x_X Pheww...
  7. What is SNR? And like I said, this DLO Transmitter, doesn't affected by the ADP's volume setting. It's fix in one standart, the same level with CD player and FM radio. And it's very good (just need to set the EQ setting from ADP and your stereo for personal taste).
  8. I wonder if they sell the earbuds stock, but just the FOAM type only. I don't like the flange sleeves one, it just... scarry.
  9. I got it today too. It's well... I could say it's very good as a transmitter. Even there are some problems bother me. 1. The Bass still a lil bit too 'raw' and 'hard' (I don't know how to say it, hard bass, and soft bass). But it's acceptable for me. 2. Sometimes I still could hear a static noise... like a plastic sounds... "Krckzkkvzkvkxkrrkxkxk." But not that noticable, and only appears if the car is off and in quiet place. You can't hear it at all while you're driving. 3. The jack for to put it into our car's cigar lighter's port, it's VERY HARD to put it in and take it out x_X (I was affraid to break it T_T), but then I can figured how to do it safely. 4. Since this transdock doesn't have a docker where I could keep my player stand upon it, it's kinda hard for a car that doesn't have a rack, to lay it down, because the port is plugged on the bottom of the player. If I want to stand it on my coins case, or cup holder, I have to put it upside down (unless you don't bother if the port and the wire are pressed on the bottom) But I just put it laid in passanger seat if i'm alone. I was need an hour playing with the equalizer setting both my car's audio and the mp3 player to get the best sound, and I did. The stereo also works very good. The balance too. The Volume Setting from the player doesn't affect the output sound (it's cool). So the volume is default adjusted as loud as the local FM & CD player. It's almost as good as local FM radio station (except the bass quality). Or maybe it just my car's audio lol. I'll keep this. I'm happy
  10. I got it today. I could say it's perfect. Those 3 triangles aren't like what I suppose to thought. I thought it'll be like solid soft foam, but it's from a tiny layer of stich rubber. So elastic and tiny. Firstly I was affraid like "WTH, so thin, how it'll block the noise?" But when I put it deep inside, it's protect my ears the same like Factory's earplug. And the sound pretty decent. This earphones suit me the perfectly, I'm so glad. I could say it's the best one if we're talking about Isolator Earphone. I haven't tried Shure one (which is way way more expensive), but I believe, judge from the design, ER6i is dedicated for that purpose (For noise blocker). The wire is so tiny, (sexy xD), even I'm affraid if accidentally it stucked somewhere, and broke easily... It came up with 3 extra earbud (all different type). The default has 3 rubber layers. And as the bonus: 1. With 2 layers. 2. With 2 layers, but smaller size. 3. Foam (rectangle foam, solid) <- my favorite, since it's very soft and comfy. But I keep the foam, since it'll get dirty easily... x_X It takes me about 15 minutes to try to fit it in my ears perfectly, and finally I figured how to do that in most efficient way. Since it's an 'in-deep' earphones, I don't think it'll suit with anyone. But if you are, it's a good stuff. Doesn't hurt, and it's not tickling your ears (Unless you're gag.. lol, you could feel it). The Bass problem (like review says), it doesn't appear. With EQ control, with 5 value in 80 HZ channel, and Bass Boost On, the bass is perfectly fine. I don't need earplug anymore in my super noisy heavy machinary workplace xD PF: Sorry if it has a lot of grammar problems, lol. I'm not native english speaker xD
  11. Yes, I asked, where I could check the log? Are those another software? (flooq, QoS configs, etc)
  12. I have no idea what are those... o.O;
  13. Aaah.. it's under "STatus".. lol. Thanks. And btw, this is a preventive method right? Because once the router is getting stupid, and disconnected from internet, I can't even open my router page =/ But this is weird... Allright then, but if there's any thought to prevent doing this from time to time.. please share.
  14. And now how to: - Check the access log of the router. - To know what caused the router overload. - Release/Renew from Router Page? What is router page? A page from web browser by typing (mine) ? I couldn't find a place to 'renew/release' the router from there. I tried from DOS command prompt, did ipconfig /release and /renew But it seems like the same. Does it something to do with the "Lease Expires" when I typed ipconfig /all in cmd?
  15. It's odd... Sometimes my Internet just stop working, and I have to reset my Router (Turn it off, turn it on). And it works normally again. - It's LinkSYS WRT-54G. - I have 2 Computers. - The IP address automatically configured by WinXP. - I'm using Comcast Cable Modem. - Sometimes it just once a day to reset.. - Sometimes every 10 minutes (the sickest one). I tried to update the driver, but still not works properly. - It's something to do with my windows setting? - Or need new router? (Which I believe my router is not that old). - Or... I dunno x_X Any helps?
  16. www.google.com "The best skin for creative vision:M" You guys on the first list. Omedetto ^^;
  17. Just an impulse act from a broken heart asian boy who was fortunately just purchased a handgun last nite, online, after reading it reviews from APHNetworks. *runs*
  18. That's what makes me wonder, it's crayon sinchan song. If you want I can upload the song, and you try to play this with your player. I checked the file, but it seems like ordinary one. Dunno lol.
  19. Yes, actually the JVC is very good in SQ, I know. And it's really comfortable in ears too. But the noise reduction isn't engouh (which I take it as the first priority right now). Well, let see how it will goes xD. I might go back to marshmellow if this ER-6i doesn't meet my expectation. And oh, I ain't worry about the bass. Vision:M's eq-setting will take care of it.
  20. folder.jpg will appears in your player, when the songs in that folder are played. But how about one independent song. I have some songs, that have their own "image" when they're being played. I just copied the song into my player, and I don't even have the JPG for it.
  21. Uhm, ER-6 is for 70$ o.O; Shure E2 is 100$, E3 is 200$, and E4 is 300$ Marshmallow is about 15-20$, and it has 3-4 colors in Walmart. Green, Blue, Black, White perhaps. Shure E2 That earbud, is from a sponge, or a soft rubber? But one thing that I found in almost all series of Shure, it concerns about "Bass" problem. But I believe those who complains are using ipod xD And to think again, 100$ - 300$ for an earphone... I must've been crazy x___X; I just purchased ER-6i, and will be shipped, maybe around 3-5 days they said. I hope this will work better, or I will just back to my 'own noise reduction' style with 5$ value of earphone.. (Ear ... Half piece of earplug rubber... (push it deep inside your ear)... normal earphone with max volume).
  22. Check ebay for what? o.o; And yup, mine is Vision:M. It's not like how to buy this thing, but just for those who using transmitter FM for their Zen in their car. I tried this But the quality is... really... ugly. I can tweak for the trible, but the bass is sounds like an empty can. I also confuse, does the quality of the audio also depend on Transmitter itself? (the quality). And does it make a different, for transmitter who use earphone output, with the one that use a data port (like this DLO). Because I also found a transmitter who just use an earphone output port for it, but it cost about 50-60 $ too, like Keningston.
  23. Okay that's for a folder. How about for a single file? I have some songs, (downloaded somewhere), and it has an art clip, when it plays. It just a single file.. without a folder... x_X just song.mp3
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