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  1. Ok bump old topic lol. I see belkin is connected through the output port for earphone. I bought another "For All" FM transmitter, for 20$, and it was... nasty. The sound is very ugly, and the bass is completely... cracked up. Beside, I have to turn the volume nearly to max, to get a proper clearity. Does the Transmitter also have an effect in the Quality in voice? It's been a year since this thread made. But until today, it's still very hard to find an FM transmitter that design specially for Zen:M I hate iPod who have everything... >( I just found this one. It cost about 60$. And it's docked from the data port. For you, belkin user, how's the Bass doing? Can you turn the volume like crazy without any problem?
  2. Haha, I was stucked to this forum once while ago, when I was looking for a good skin review for my Vision:M. I red v-moda review by cochn... and it looks like not that great in blocking the noise? The Skullcandy is cute tho, but I think that's too small. For ilustration is.. You duck near car's muffler And tell your friend to push the gas full. "ROAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Something like that.. x_X continously.... for 12 hours.... everyday. This what I use before. The JVC marshmallow. The buds aren't that great. And the natural 'oil' on my ears, makes them wrinkle easily. I might go to ER-6, but... it's scarry somehow. |>|>|> <--- it's like a monster's tail lol. If it's possible to find a product with normal buds, but great in reduction noise like shure's?, but I'm not sure too. Beside it's very2 expensive.
  3. I just bought JVC earphones (with earbuds, noise reduction they said). Just 20$. It works cool in regular use. But I work in factory, and the heavyy machinary machine still bugging my ears --" I refunded it. Now I'm still looking for another better earphones for factory environment. I did search in this forum, and few topics were talking about Shure e2 e3, and ER 6, ER 4. The problem is, Shure is way more expensive. And the earbud looks like JVC that I had. It's round just like that. The ER series, are cheaper, and it has scarry earbuds... I just wonder, which one is more effective in blocking the heavy noises? Or beside ER and Shure, do you have another recomendation?
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