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  1. Woo Hoo! Super Famicom!!
  2. I have a P4 Prescott with a Radeon 9000 (64mb/AGP) and it bottlenecks and jerks on Half Life 2, so ya upgrading would be a very good idea.
  3. The girl at the counter ripped you. You would have been better off with the ZMP personally......but you didn't notice her not noticing to notice.
  4. Considering that you were 3 and then went through all of that you have to think to yourself that it's been gone for 18 years and a disproportionate limb that does not move as well is a small price to pay for life! You're here, it's just the vanity that's driving it but i for one commend you for it. Reading your post was cool. You've gone through a lot and a bummed arm is all you've got? That's awesome (in a champion-of-your-own-mortality kind of way) and it's amazing!!
  5. Ya i needed something for when i sit in on my daughters gymnastics. I can watch movies while she's jumping around and stuff.
  6. This is what my network consists of (and sorry fro the crude low teq): Speedstream modem (5x384-uncapped)---->Linksys WR54G---> AMD 1.7 (Bell) I Intel Prescott P4 3.3 I Toshiba Satellite A-200 (wireless) I--->DLink DI-604--->Intel Prescott P4 2.2 Toshiba Satellite 3000 P3 (for leaky Vista) NEC P2 (old skool lappy for testing and for bots to hit) IBM 365 XD (cuz you just gotta have something for bots to hit) And all the other ports on the DLink are used for testing or for when i get a LAN party going and i'm going to set up a machine downstairs for music and recipes in the kitchen and maybe control my lights and stuff in the near future. Anybody know of where i can get updated firmware for the DI 604? Tried lookin at DLink but they don't have it anymore.
  7. Well i tried getting Mepis to run but it wouldn't load past Grub so i did a mem test on the machine for about an hour and no problems so i assumed it was the board on it so i scrapped it but i used the RAM out of it in my other P2 and got an instant upgrade.
  8. Ya i got DSL as well as Mepis which i haven't tried yet but i think personally the lappy is ded. I'm gonna try those 2 and see if it'll boot. It may be an issue with the board itself so i might cannabalize it for parts if it is ded.
  9. It'd be cooler if you had it fully functional on the wall. You could stick a piece of plexi over the mobo so that no one sticks their fingers in it and then have the whole board as just a wireless node and maybe turning on the lights in the room or somethin......neat idea for airflow too as it's just out in the open....
  10. Hey all A friend of mine wanted me to get an old lappy up and running but i've run into a few problems. It's a Toshiba Satellite 2060 (P2 version) and it's still in pretty good shape. I tried loading ME on it but it wouldn't do anything so then i tried Ubuntu 6.10. during the install it told me there was an issue with IRQ 11 but it carried on but still took over half an hour just to load the GUI and finish the install. I gave up on that and then tried the smallet Linux, Nimble X, and it does something different. It goes through loader 1.5 and then gets to the GRUB stage and then the screen goes black but i still get activity off the drive. After about 45 minutes of this i popped the cd out and put it back in (thinking that it just wouldn't read because the cd stopped spinning) but still no success. Any ideas?
  11. I heard of another version of KDE this weekend called NimbleX. My friend had the whole OS running off a USB stick.
  12. And as of 3 days ago the conversion is now 1008 CAD. Our money is back up to where it used to be in '73.
  13. Well you also have to consider that Americans pay 1 tax while we pay two. It's like being bent over and then not getting a thank you after with no call back. The Canadian government loves to have all of this surplus money (ie $13.8 billion from my last count) and they use it for "diplomatic" issues and to stock the beer machine in the spa that they have at Parlaiment Hill (trust me it exists). But then again having that much to pay for a piece of metal and plastic that you will never pwn because it will pwn you with all of the gas,repairs,mods,cleanings and everyone else on the planet with all the Co2 and the traffic jams and polution in general, i say it's a good thing. I considered driving a long time ago and then gave up on the idea after i drove for about a year, just didn't make sense to me. Besides they could make smaller electric ones cheaper anyways but they sell them really expensive now because not too many people will buy them. I still prefer keeping my wallet fat, breathing clean air and meeting girls on the bus!
  14. I ended up getting that and a copy of DSL as well. I really had a hard time with Ubuntu cuz i'm pretty much a Winbloze/MAC user so all the updates i got was really intense (256 all together). But the thing i liked was having everything there to install right away rather than go fish for it. And the UI was pretty quick too which is what i liked....
  15. Confucius was a very wise man "He who stands on toilet is high on pot" I love that. But seriously.....
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