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  1. The review is now complete! I apologize to everyone who waited patiently for this review. https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/gamdias-hermes-p2-rgb-video I hope you enjoy!
  2. The appeal behind this model is the ability to change individual keys as you wish to your specific preference. However not liking the base key is the issue I was touching on
  3. So I took a look at the review and it does differ from this keyboard. It incorporates the keys directly into the keyboard already, and as I only skimmed it, I did not see the ability to change out the switches at will. however, this keyboard doesn't come with more than one type of switch, but it does allow for individual switches to change on any key.
  4. This is a fair point. And one that I toyed with myself if I knew more/bought some. However I think that doing an entire keyboard is redundant and expensive but doing a couple is reasonable.
  5. I agree with the above point. You totally could switch out all they keys.... but why would you? I have never seen switches for sale and a new keyboard would most likely be faster, cheaper and less work. You totally have that ability... but again.... its not really the best plan in my opinion
  6. So as far as I am aware it is not part of the warranty. I do not have the physical warranty nor can I find one online. But from what I meant the keys can be switched out on its own if you wanted different keys. Every person has a preference in switches.
  7. Yes they are. However I did not have an opportunity to test this feature as A) They did not give any keys to actually switch with as with something like the Tesoro SE Spectrum. And B: I did not go and buy any. So yes it is a thing you can do.
  8. Yes and Jonathan can tell you there is no one more disappointed in this delay than myself. Life has been catching up to me and with many things on the go and limited time being a large factor things are working themselves out. I promise it will be coming. It hasn't been forgotten. Life happens and I sincerely apologize for the delay.
  9. Overall key switch response was fine. No delay far as I am concerned. I try to be as non-biased as possible when doing reviews and didn't find any problems with the switches. And not to mention that you can exchange the switches allows for replacing or changing if you do notice bad response times
  10. No these pics are taken separately. I just like the looks of the keyboard but the stills couldn't accurately reflect it from the footage
  11. Oh okay, in that case then ill try to give a brief thought bubble. I personally did not see any true response problems, however I don't particularly enjoy the optical switches as a whole. But as an optical switch I didn't mind them. I don't want to let my personal bias get in the way of objectively functional switches
  12. Good question. I sadly don't have a perfect answer. Doing video reviews makes things different and as such we have new obstacles to overcome and work around. We don't want to bore you but we also don't want to rush the review. We hope to have the completed project done in about 1-2 weeks.
  13. So I have not had the opportunity to try them against the Tesoro or the real Cherry MX as of now. I can say however that they keys were very accurate and had zero rollover problems. I found them to be very accurate.
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