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  1. d!ck in a box ftw!!! lol jk. maybe instead of a watch you could get her a necklace or some earrings or a bracelet, something not too fancy, but not too cheap either. sorry for bypassing filter
  2. thanks but i think i'll pass, chc. my last day of 10th grade was today, and i plan on not thinking about anything remotely school related until September
  3. well i usually give these out during the holiday season, but it's the perfect gift for any occasion! trust me, she'll go nuts for it!
  4. you're in seventh grade?? whooaaaaaa. u must be some kind of genius. or maybe just a nerd lol
  5. i mean yeah, pretty much. lol boomer u can have my babies.
  6. tsk tsk, shouldve taken the dr. pepper....... because it makes the world taste better!
  7. welcome jzetterman. first of all, u rock for goin to afghanistan. i support you. i think im gonna go into the service too, if college doesnt work out for me. rock on.....
  8. lol chc i cant believe u brought that here.
  9. So anyways, back on topic..... My iTunes has 2104 songs, which if played back to back, would last 6 days, 18 minutes and 13 seconds, and take up 8.68 GB on my hard drive. WOOT POST # 69!!!!!!!
  10. yeah especially the sexy ones. lol.........................*fap fap fap*
  11. alex, how are u gonna correct the chc and then go and mess up the same thing he did?
  12. wow im amazed how much u remembered from ur dream. i never remember my dreams, and if i do its only bits and pieces. very weird....
  13. lol the chc said come. shakespeare is really stupid, or at least the plays they make us read in school are. julius caesar. worst play ive ever read (well, not as bad as the VT killer's those things are pure aphnetworks.com). and they make us answer questions like "what do u think shakespeare was trying to say when.....(insert random meaningless scene description here)." like there was some hidden meaning behind it. whoever makes a living analyzing shakespeare and is fascinated by his work is truly a fool. they say that the audience he was writing for was too stupid to even comprehend all of his genius and he was before his time. no, just no. its just a play.
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