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  1. d!ck in a box ftw!!! lol jk. maybe instead of a watch you could get her a necklace or some earrings or a bracelet, something not too fancy, but not too cheap either. sorry for bypassing filter
  2. thanks but i think i'll pass, chc. my last day of 10th grade was today, and i plan on not thinking about anything remotely school related until September
  3. well i usually give these out during the holiday season, but it's the perfect gift for any occasion! trust me, she'll go nuts for it!
  4. you're in seventh grade?? whooaaaaaa. u must be some kind of genius. or maybe just a nerd lol
  5. i mean yeah, pretty much. lol boomer u can have my babies.
  6. tsk tsk, shouldve taken the dr. pepper....... because it makes the world taste better!
  7. welcome jzetterman. first of all, u rock for goin to afghanistan. i support you. i think im gonna go into the service too, if college doesnt work out for me. rock on.....
  8. lol chc i cant believe u brought that here.
  9. So anyways, back on topic..... My iTunes has 2104 songs, which if played back to back, would last 6 days, 18 minutes and 13 seconds, and take up 8.68 GB on my hard drive. WOOT POST # 69!!!!!!!
  10. yeah especially the sexy ones. lol.........................*fap fap fap*
  11. alex, how are u gonna correct the chc and then go and mess up the same thing he did?
  12. wow im amazed how much u remembered from ur dream. i never remember my dreams, and if i do its only bits and pieces. very weird....
  13. lol the chc said come. shakespeare is really stupid, or at least the plays they make us read in school are. julius caesar. worst play ive ever read (well, not as bad as the VT killer's those things are pure aphnetworks.com). and they make us answer questions like "what do u think shakespeare was trying to say when.....(insert random meaningless scene description here)." like there was some hidden meaning behind it. whoever makes a living analyzing shakespeare and is fascinated by his work is truly a fool. they say that the audience he was writing for was too stupid to even comprehend all of his genius and he was before his time. no, just no. its just a play.
  14. what about programs for making your own beats? or does audacity do that too?
  15. Today i was thinking when i was browsing the forums and looking at everyone's custom sigs, "I wonder what programs they use. I bet they cost money. I dont like paying for things. Maybe there are programs that are free and do the same things as other not-free programs". So i decided to make this thread for me and others (mostly me) so that smart people could recommend some good, free programs. So...... im looking for good, free music-editing, graphic-creating, and music-mixing programs and i have no idea where to look for them (im not stupid, like i probably could find them, im just a lazy beast), so im open to (your) recommendations!
  16. yeah i was half sure he was when i posted that earlier reply
  17. is weed legal up in canada? or how about medical marijuana for my glaucoma? medical marijuana is only legal in a couple states here in the US. but yeah i know all the kids at my school that can get their hands on it are all gonna either ditch school or come to school stoned. only the stupid ones do the latter and i will laugh when they get caught. as for me, i dont plan on doing anything special for 420. not my thing
  18. how can u even think that system is emo? they are the farthest thing from emo!
  19. so today in school, this was the thing everyone was talking about. in my first period class is german. my german teacher has a daughter who attends va tech named stephanie. stephanie would have been in the engineering building during the time of the second shooting, but for some reason she had decided to ditch class that day. talk about luck! (or something else...) for those of you who are interested and have not heard already, police have now identified the shooter as 23 year old Cho Seung-Hui, an english major attending va tech as a senior. he was born in south korea and immigrated to the US in '92. if you get the chance, you should watch some of the news coverage when they talk about this guy and what he was like. he was truly a sick individual and was on medication for depression. police found a note at his dorm stating his hatred of "rich kids" and other demographics. also it was found that he purchased one of the handguns 5 weeks prior to the shooting at a roanoke gun shop. Cho's actions (the shooting) could very well be related to the bomb threats made to va tech earlier in the year.
  20. you should check out www.collegeboard.com they have a bunch of great information on colleges around the world. they have a neat college matchmaker tool which asks you questions on what you are looking for in a college and gives you a list of schools that fit your preferences.
  21. The holy scripture in the Jewish faith is called the Torah. It consists of the first five books of the Christian bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). those are the sciptures studied in Judaism, nothing more. i have not personally read any of the other scriptures that are included in the Christian bible so i cannot say that they are inaccurate or not.
  22. Today at approximately 7 pm, two people were shot and later died in one of the dorm rooms on the VA Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. Two hours later, in an engineering lecture hall, 30 people are shot dead. The gunman then turned his weapon to his own face and pulled the trigger. Two 9 mm handguns have been recovered from the scene. I am a resident of Virginia and know people that attend this college. I myself was considering applying to this college. This is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. It brings back the memories of Columbine, and other recent school shootings. This day will forever be in my mind and my heart which goes out to those who are gone and their families and friends. I ask that you keep the VA Tech family in your thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.
  23. Here's a jew's (my) point of view: 1. Jews believe that Jesus was a man. He was a remarkable, religious man and a follower of Judaism (it was his disciples that created Christianity). We do not believe that he is the son of God. 2. Jews do not think that the Holocaust was an attack by Christians. It was organized by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi followers.
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