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  1. Thank you!!!! And thank you for all the tips from first page! I read them over and over just to be mindful of the thing i know he is observing!
  2. hi chconline!!! Thanks , i passed! I never did the basic since i am from another country and have valid drivers From a country called Palau,i applied to be exempted to the GDL progam and was approved to take the advance road test i got docked from speeding a bit though , i practiced and drove a 2015 dodge challenger and so yeah, speeding is a bit easy on that, 😅, it was 3-4 clicks but yeah , he said i could easily go over if i get carried away 😜.
  3. I have read this forum from the first page and will be taking my advance roadtest tomorrow! Im in total nervous 😩 wreck! Wish me luck! And oh, im doing it in medicine hat! I have lots of practice on highways , med hat to calgary , jasper and Edmonton , but still so nervous! Please if you have some tips let me know! Thank you