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  1. HEY ya'll guess who's back! Coming at you with another review of another nifty house item!! hope ya'll missed me...sort of
  2. Hey ya'll! I'm back by absolutely 0 demands with another video! so stay tuned if you want to see this face again...or not. You do you boo.
  3. http://aphnetworks.com/lounge/dodocool-da84-mini-bluetooth-speaker-video
  4. Hello there you wonderful piece of human bean! I'll be reviewing the dodocool DA84 Mini Bluetooth Speaker this week! So stay tuned if you can handle a surprising amount of cringe in one short video!
  5. Hey ya'll! As you can tell by the very creative title, this is my introduction. My name is Gina and I'm from the beautiful land of Saskatchewan. However, I am currently attending the University of Calgary where I had the pleasure of becoming friends with some of the staff at APH Networks. My journey with APH Networks first started off with Jonathan forcing me to like the Facebook page in the beginning of the school year. As the school year continued, he noticed that I had a talent for being an embarrassment whilst wearing a fake moustache in front of the camera (these videos are now unfortunately floating around in the abyss that is the interwebs). As my dignity continued to dwindle, an opportunity arose. He was giving away an abundance of Reese Cups that he had bought years before (since they were 10 cents each at the time) because he's allergic to peanut butter (turns out his greed was greater than his will to live....lol jk please don't attack me J.Kwan, I bruise easily). Since there isn't much to do out here in the middle of Saskatchewan, I told him to send them to me, but in turn I had to create an 'unboxing video' (which is also floating around somewhere out there..underneath the pale moonlight). Apparently he saw potential in that random video and unwittingly asked me to create a review video for APH Networks. At first I was like: "wow, are you sure? that's so legit", but then I was like "eh maybe I'll get more Instagram followers", and so here we are. Though I am very incompetent at it, I very much enjoy creating videos - working with cameras, and editing, but I'm really new to reviewing tech stuff (so please don't call me out..or do it, idk you do you boo). Hopefully I'll have more opportunities to create videos reviewing nifty little products in the future! tl;dr he asked me to make a video, so I did My forum name is a pun on my last name (very clever, I know) This post took me an hour to write...focusing on one thing? not my forté (neither is a lot of other things, like product reviews lolol)
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