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  1. Thanks for all the infos xD
  2. TY for the link. What I meant was, look at the picture here: Do you see the opening in the psu area? The SFX PSU reaches that only partially(maybe 30% while it should be completely over that opening), and I was wondering how big of an issue it can be for temps due to the low intake.
  3. Yea it should but since it is smaller it either wont reach the vent on the back (so with exaust inside) or the vent for the intake in the middle. Idk if you get what I mean.
  4. eheh thanks for the replies xD. Why they made an itx case without sfx compatibility is beyond me... Unfortunately I wont be able to return the PSU (a corsair sf600) so I guess Ill have to go for the Milo 08. Btw since an sfx PSU is much smaller than a standard atx do you have problems with the exhaust? Since it cant reach the back of the case I mean. TY!
  5. Hello, I saw your review about the Silverstone RVZ03 here: http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/silverstone-raven-rvz03/4 I got the same case but I dont understand how you were able to use an sfx power supply there since it seems to be only compatible with standard ATX? I tried to put it there but I dont see any screw hole to hold it there. Thanks in advance