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  1. Well, yeah. The new iPad Pro CPU shows performance like an old i7 mobile processor.
  2. Yeah. We had a competition between the manufacturers. Now, it's like nvidia's singleplayer mode ON. Thanks a lot😎
  3. Hmm... Core i5-8xxx Y-series instead of U-series. Air still has active cooling and U-processor has twice more cores and is more powerful. I think it could be more attractive with U-series i5-8xxx for the new price.
  4. I feel your pain, bro. And also, they've just ruined the new Air.
  5. Yeah. It seems like 2 or 3 years of nvidia's on the top. It's time for AMD to play. Lol
  6. Well yeah. I hope the new AMD Navi architecture will perform well at the top GPU level.
  7. Dot one is good to practice. Also, after some time it helps to use noscope AWP. I a everyday gaming I use 3000 too.
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