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  1. Hi all. I recently fell into the, improve your laptop graphics by using the EXP GDC, trap. I have a Lenovo G560 i3 CPU, Intel (R) HD graphics, 8Gb ram, 500Gb ssd. Purchased a EXP GDC mPCIe, GTX960 & using a ATX PSU. Following instructions, updated the BIOS, disable PXE, uninstalled the wifi drivers, no Dedicated Graphics to disable. Connected everything up and..... black screen + rebooting in a loop... so, tried: a:)With everything connected (monitor on HDMi), the lappie boots, black screen on lappie + external monitor, then reboots in a loop. b:)With everything connected (monitor on VGA), the lappie boots, black screen on lappie + monitor displays " "NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 VGA BIOS VERSION Copyright © 1996-2016 4096 ram" before it restarts again into the loop! c:) even tried the above combination by removing 1x 4Gb memory. d:) another forum suggested, disconnect everything boot lappie & put to sleep before windows started, connect everything up & wake the lappie.. nope, I just got a bright pink screen on lappie & nowt on the external monitor. I spotted an article from this site by Jonathan Kwan, February 11, 2006 showing the paperclip trip. i would try that but my PSU cables are NOT colour coded, all are black! Any Guru's out there with vast amounts of knowledge and tell me where I'm going wrong?? TIA
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