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  1. I’ll do a better post covering more aspects after I use them for a week or so. So far, on first full charge, I have 3-4 hrs on it and the micro sized iPhone display last night showed a little more than 50%. As for the SE215, my wife has the wired version which I like a lot. I didn’t want to change her eartips so my fit was just ok, but I realized they’d be even better with a tighter fit. But, ya, the sound felt fairly well balanced from bass to treble, clear, crisp, good depth. But, their gen1 Bluetooth does not support AAC and I’m an old iPhone user so aptX does me no good. But that’s for another discussion. The Shure gen2 Bluetooth does support AAC but costs $50 more and worse is that it’s a terrible design with a large clip on pod - classic dongle rather than sleek modern miniturization. I have been using my older earphones with a mini Bluetooth receiver smaller than the Shure’s dongle which taught me that the clip on design can be a hassle with thin quick dry type T-shirt’s. It’s always falling off and dangling during workouts, I find it also works it’s way off waist bands and ends up dangling. I was actually looking to buy the SE215 wired and then get a 3rd party mmcx compatible cable. I saw Fiio, with AAC, and Mee, unsure but think it has AAC, at attractive prices. Then by happenstance I ran into westone mentioned somewhere so checked out their website and saw the Wx on closeout pricing. IPX 4 which is minimal but ok for me. Confirmed with their tech support it does support AAC and is being closed out as they convert the W series to include both wired and Bluetooth cables but prices jump up well beyond my budget. He said only benefit of new BT is ver 5, more range and longer battery life, and maybe improved tactile buttons, but for AAC devices, no audio improvement. Since range and battery life are not big issues for me, it seemed like a good opportunity to get something that meets my needs and preferences at a good price.
  2. I found very few reviews of the Wx - I think headfi, headfonics and majorhifi were the only ones, mostly positive. Amazon users I take with a grain of salt since too many complain about non-relevant issues or some aspect of user errors. For any of the negatives, I can only say I agree the wires to the control pods are somewhat thin and might benefit from maybe a 2" flexible/bendable earloop section, but wearing glasses, I can hardly feel these wires which I like. The control pod could be a tad lower or further from the earpiece, but its not a big deal at least for me, and the complaint about the + & - buttons is valid, they could be more prominently tactile like the center button, but then knowing the + is above the center and the - is below works for me. Complaints about range are probably due to interference. I had no problems in the pockets of my shorts and I know I got about 20 ft through walls around the house - one location in my computer room did give me some hiccups which I suspect is interference from all the wireless devices I have in the room. From my family room table, it was fine when I was moving about the house and through a couple of walls. My initial impression of the Wx is they are a steal at $99 US. They came partially charged so I was able to immediately pair with my iphone - no problems encountered. Fit was just so-so with the preinstalled silicone tips, but I was anxious to listen so I fired up a jazz playlist while I was prepping dinner and it was definitely eye opening compared to my el-cheapo bt earphones. I charged them fully overnight and changed to foam tips that fit much better and seal outside sounds much better. They immediately connect to my iphone upon turning them on and the battery headphone indicators shows on the display. I'm thrilled they feel like they offer a relatively flat response - to my aging ears at least - I can't actually check test signals on them so its my interpretation and I've had only limited exposure to any earphones, let alone bluetooth. I got a feeling some younger than I would find the bass end lacking, but I got zero heavy bass music to try - although I do have some fitness tracks geared for cardio workouts I'll try out tomorrow. Today, I've listened to Adele, Enya, Sarah McLachlen, Leonard Cohen, Crosby Stills and Nash, Al DiMeola, Kitaro, Govi, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull so far - no complaints and I know some of these I ripped a decade ago as 128bit mp3. Right now I'm listening to Eliot Fisk (classical guitar). I find they are so comfortable and sound so good, I just want to listen to more and more. Clean, clear, crisp, good separation, and a touch of warmth. I've kept the volume between 1/4 and 1/2 give or take with a few brief excursions to 3/4 just to enjoy the clarity. I'll do a better post on my audio impressions with some photos after I give them some time.
  3. fwiw, I just happened to run into a review of the Westone Wx - it intrigued me so I read a bit more and although not specifically sweat-proof, it is similar to the Shure Se215, which my wife has wired, in that incidental water won't be a problem. Shure even says they have had mention of their earphones going through a laundry wash with no permanent damage. Then I saw Westone has a newer gen2 W series with a new bluetooth cable. So I contacted their tech support for more details since like most, no mention of AAC - I am guessing its a licensing restriction from Qualcomm for aptX limiting how they advertise - the tech said they do in fact support AAC in all their bluetooth models and the cable is IP rated for incidental water resistance. Then I saw the Wx for only $99 - seems they will be closing it out now that the new W models include both a wired cable and a BT. So for the price, I ordered a pair - will surely be a decent option for my needs and if I hit the lottery jackpot, I can still use the mmcx cable with my new top of the line 4 driver earpieces. Although if I hit the lottery, then I won't be the one doing the mowing - but I'll have more time for workouts and bike riding!
  4. I see a number of vmoda get decent reviews. I’m not big on the type with the flat bar support coming off the ear hooks. I tried on a similar Beats some time ago and it felt odd on my ears. I also learned a new aspect of overear headphone types - not good for wearing a sun protection hat which is mandatory for me now to avoid sunburn, at least for mowing, walking and biking. I now doubt the Bose will work for me for these tasks since they stick out a lot. I’ll try my wife’s Shure next, they seem to stay close in the ear cavity. My old etymotics are pretty tiny and are really comfortable with a good seal using foam tips, so they block the mower noise about as good as anything I’ve used. They sound decent. Biggest issue is the wire is really fragile, next biggest is they are so old I’m not sure I can find replacement eartips for them. I may just get a better Bluetooth receiver that I can clip to my waistband then run the wire under my t shirt. I really don’t like bass heavy boomers and I don’t need a mic since I never answer calls unless it’s an emergency from someone in my contacts so at worst I’ll stick with the etys and keep an eye on new models coming out.
  5. On the other hand... nothing to shovel 😁 I previously lived in Maine where winter was like half the year and the other 3 seasons were about 2 months each. Back then I had about an acre to mow which is when I found the pleasure of portable music and sound isolating earphones for my weekly 3 hour chore. And ya, if it was a dry hot summer the grass would just turn brown and go dormant. Definitely do not miss the shoveling. Too often had 3 ft drifts on our deck so just getting out the door was a workout.
  6. the fact that it grows at all is too fast for me!
  7. Yup. For sure - lots to consider. But for use outside doing yard work, too much ambient noise to really obsess over sound quality nuances. Fwiw, I got my mini bluetooth receiver to work again - dropped it, tried it and it connected to my phone. I can old guess something maybe got between the external button and the inner button. It’s minimal - BT 4.1 csr8635 chip is all I know besides no codec beyond SBC. So I’m using it with my old etymotic-6i and Bose qc15. The etys sounded significantly better wired but I also had to change to foam eartips for a better fit to keep them from falling out - it seemed to improve the sound both wired and on the btr, so I’ll have to repeat the comparison with different music genres to get a better sense of the difference. For the Bose, wired definitely has better overall clarity, range and a certain depth, but I was surprised at the relatively good sound when on the btr. I’ll try out my wife’s shure se215 to compare as well. But overall with a decent headset or earphones, the btr certainly meets my needs for casual listening while running around the yard with a trimmer or mower. With the Bose I can wrap the wire around the headband and clip on the receiver so the wire stays out of the way - great for mowing duty. For exercise/gym, more suitable Bluetooth earphones makes more sense. At the moment I’m leaning to the Bose sound sport or the Optoma be4 sport.
  8. fwiw - sweat is one reason I am looking for good all around BT pair but thinking IP rating might be worth it. I got an aukey supposed to be sweat resistant about 4 yrs ago on half price sale so figured it was a cheap way to try out BT for convenience when mowing and whatnot - I sweat tons due to the heat of south FL. They weren't very good sound wise - seemed very weak on upper mids to highs - but for mowing not a big deal. Worse part was the thin rubber eartips - good fit was uncomfortable so had to switch to largest size to keep them from hurting, but over time the sweat may be the reason they act flaky now. I figure if not IP rated then simple plastic housings that snap together could allow moisture to enter and eventually ruin them. Its hard to know if these plastic housings are actually sealed or not if there is no IP rating.
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