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  1. Do you mind telling me what "General Discussion" means? This has nothing to do with technology. I have not talked about my problems, as far as I remember, out of this forum.
  2. I'm trying to explain this to you guys so you don't make me so mad that I want to throw my computer out the window. No other forum site I go to gives me these problems, just here. I just need to relax, and I can't do it here. This used to be a fun place, but now it's not. I have -3000 reps. I try to ignore it, but In ways, I can't. BigBang, not TL so much, pushes me too far. I'm sorry, but I try to make you understand then you blow it up in my face. That's not a good feeling.
  3. It is from medicine, not my head. I've tried ways to relieve it, but at times it's hard. When did I ever post about my problems? In the finding work thread, I was talking out my physical problems, not mentally. Can you just all ignore my ranting, please? So you don't put more stress on me?
  4. Can we start on a clear slate here? I'm sorry if I took it in the wrong way, but these drugs for seizures aren't necessarily putting my brain at ease. Stress and depression never were a good duo...
  5. "Is a joke foreign to you?" Is in response to Wolken.... If I am referring to another post, I usually type "@username" If I am referring to the top post, I post normal. Please stop doing this, ok?
  6. Don't tell me that you never edited anything. So I thought incorrectly, big whoops.
  7. Aren't most jokes taken out of context? The good and bad ones? @Shift: We joke and spam all the time, how is this any different?
  8. Try reading Big Bang and TL's replies. That is what I am talking about. Not you, boomer or chc.
  9. chc: I know, I was responding to Shift's remark. Shift: That's the reason I'm not on the APH Review committee. I'm no pro. Sorry if I posted "inadequate information" We make mistakes, we move on.
  10. Then what were you talking about for two pages in this thread that chc or some mod split from another thread? I did not ask or want this to be talked about. I was just joking around with Preston. At least about half of these posts did happen to be about me.
  11. Read my review again. I edited the cool part out of it. Please stop this.
  12. *Breaks down door* I work fine as a team once they respect me for who I am. I am NOT a person who walks up to people and starts talking. I am an independent person, have always been. You try it with one hand cut off, one foot cut open on the side, and an earplug in one ear. It's 100 times harder than any of you can understand. I know some of you understand this, but for the others, back off! Thank you.
  13. @BB: We didn't buy the last one, it was a used one, given to us by my uncle.
  14. I think I put the wrong terminology on... edited... Think I had too much caffeine at that point.
  15. Oh, I didn't know there was bare wire there!
  16. From what I understand, It makes it able to breathe, while still protecting it. Netbooks don't get exceedingly hot. A little warm to the touch, that's about it.
  17. I needed something better than my netbook case that I had to take off to use. And this was just $10 USD from Amazon: Outside view Inside view This sleeve stays on your 10/10.1 netbook permanently. If you ever need to take it off, it's easily done. With elastic, this is quite stretchable. It does not interfere with any of your side ports, everything is quite accessible. The two bands on the top corner do cover the screen a bit, but it does not interfere much, with my toolbar at the top. I rarely need to know the time, and I can pinpoint where the Start button is. It has a nice pocket at the front for your power cord, USB cords or a mouse. Everything closed up, the mouse in the pocket. It's a nice thing to have, IMHO. It keeps it protected when you're on the go. You don't have to worry about taking it out. If you're worried about a few pixels taken over by fabric, then simply move the fabric behind the screen and put it back when you are done. I say it's nice to have. The price says it all, cheap, but I didn't need something more expensive than that. If you do, go ahead, you're not hurting my feelings. Scoring: 8.5/10 It's good and all, but not that spectacular. I've seen better for more money. (I know, I need to clean my Netbook. I'll get on it after I get this review done)
  18. I know my best friend from school days, works for Time Warner. As Hop says, shouldn't a electrician be able to do that? But we'll just do it when she's out the door
  19. Very, umm... Geary... Virginia rarely gets snow, right?
  20. My mother freaks every time we pound a nail into the wall... We need a electrician, we need a plumber, we need new windows, so what else is new?
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