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  1. wow it's been a while. Oh, the root directory is just the highest directory you can be in so when the first directory you connect to your player. So your root directory for your computer would be "c:/" (anything below it is considered a parent directory like "c:/program files") just move the .bin file to the player's root directory instead and not to your "c:/" drive (I use the "c:/" drive as example because it is generally universal and I would not know the drive name your computer has assigned to your mp3 player). good luck with your fix
  2. Hi, I'm back sorry for the delay.. your problem seems a tad more troublesome than most of the conventional B153 issues. The only thing I can think of suggesting for now is to try formatting your player (yes potentially risky... but so is flashing your player) but by clearing the memory hopefully it should clear things up. After formatting try flashing again. I'll post more ideas of how you might be able to solve your problem if they come to me.
  3. Hi, I'm new to these boards but yeah I feel your pain MobiBLU is a pain in the arse when it comes to customer support. Well if you end up stuck with the player and it needs some fixing I just wrote a tutorial to fix the player http://www.aphnetworks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2831 . hope this is of some help since there is extremely little information or support for the device though it seems you just want to return it. Either way I wish you luck!
  4. Hello all, This is my first time on this forum and decided jump in after reading the B153 bashing. Granted that the company deserves a lot of the complaints and disgruntled customers (mainly due to its amazing support ) But I do have to say I love the player itself (mainly for it's amazing battery life). Anyways enough of the introduction this fix is for all those firmware problems system errors and the lot. I personally had a problem in which my computer recognized the player as a USB device and would not boot. The trick is MobiBLU has ok support.... just mainly for it's Korean customers so you're gonna have to download off their Korean site (this file is nowhere to be found on the American site though it is mentioned once in their FAQ) Go to http://www.mobiblu.com/help_center/01_01_0...p;item=dah-1900 and click on DAH-1900_Updater_M110_060424.exe what you're downloading is pretty much a BIOS Flasher for your player. once downloaded go ahead and start the program, It should automatically install and leave a desktop Icon. open up the program which consists of a simple ext box and button labeled Initialize. connect your player to your PC and go ahead to click the initialize button. after about half a minute it should finish reflashing. disconnect your player and see if it turns on properly. If it does I'd reccomend updating the firmware immediately which is fairly simple. download http://www.mobibluamerica.com/downloads/B1.../B153_M1.10.zip unzip and simply move the BIN file over to the root directory of your player! hope this solves a lot of problems! If this doesn't work go ahead and ask me (I enjoy a challenge) I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can
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