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  1. Is your desk actually like that when you want to do something on a computer, do you actually have that many monitors and laptops on your desk all the time?
  2. Well I don't see anything that's not performing about the Ixus 70, it takes great pictures and video and I really don't know where my extra money will be going if I get a Ixus 90/SD790 IS. Could you care to let me know of its benefits?
  3. dude.... i thought you were some 28 year old nerd with no life and no friends... only cos you'd never tell me your age and you'd annoy me with your grammar skills on msn. g'd to know ur not..
  4. Looks awesome, might get this instead of the ixus 70 I was about to buy.
  5. All this new! I'm so happy with how its all worked out.
  6. I think chc's got the most sleek setup but let me tell you soon enough when I get my new comp, it'll be the secx Right now, this is the current setup which is kinda bad http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1247/108593...5171caa62_b.jpg
  7. Hopefully the problems with the AI will be improved.
  8. Does this card have the led's at each output
  9. Thank you, my future depends on em' - literally.
  10. Okay the P5K it is. I can't wait till the 23rd.
  11. But its still better than the P5B right, I mean I don't need any of those features. EDIT: This is really annoying, why can't I edit my first post to include the link of the P5K!!
  12. lol I knew you were gonna say that, anyone know the difference between this and the P5K Deluxe. Thanks.
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