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  1. thanks for openin' up Jon ... your a good guy...
  2. Canadians currently pay a substantial 'copy right' fee when we buy things like MP3 Players, Harddrives, Blank Disc's, Cassette Tapes etc and that fee is given to the government, who gives it to the Copy Right group, who then is supposed to give it to the artists. If I'm already paying for this, why would the law need to be changed? I think what they need to do, is concentrate on the piraters who go into movie theaters and steal the movies. Stupid idiots in Government.
  3. I can't help but notice, that the shipment for ME was missing and hasn't yet arrived. What's the ETA on the chc?
  4. Allan

    MSI Wind

    John - if you sign up to RBC with their monthly plan of $24.95 and have two automatic bill payments, and one payroll deposit, you get a FREE eee PC 4gb I think ... but I believe it's the old one.
  5. I like how in the original news story, the used the iPhone even though HP, Palm, and Sony have had touchscreens since 1998 at least.
  6. Computer users will use their fingers, not mice or keyboards, to control the next version of Windows. Codenamed Windows 7, the new touch-based operating system was unveiled by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates at a recent digital conference in Florida, US. During the demonstration, a Microsoft executive used his finger to draw on the screen, play a digital keyboard and toss and manipulate digital images as though they were on a surface in front of him. Touchscreen technology is currently used only in smaller devices, such as Apple's iPhone, Palm Treo and HP iPaq's, but Windows 7 would be largely touch based and allow the use of multiple fingers to control elements on the screen simultaneously. Gates later hinted that Windows 7 would also be a "big step forward in terms of speech". Windows 7 is due late next year and will succeed Microsoft's current operating system, Windows Vista, which has been criticised for its cumbersome performance and hefty system demands. Source: News.com.au
  7. Allan

    MSI Wind

    **Belches** Excuse me for my rudeness, it was not very smart, but if it came out the otherend, it would have been an MSI Wind.
  8. Allan

    MSI Wind

    So air in natural motion.
  9. Since, for some strange reason, I can't reply to Front Page news I posted this here: Is that Wind as in "Wind blowing through my hair" or Wind as in "Lets wind this game up." Wind - wynd n. air in natural motion, as that moving horizontally at any velocity along the earth's surface: A gentle wind blew through the valley. High winds were forecast. Wind - wahynd v. to change direction; bend; turn; take a frequently bending course; meander: The river winds through the forest.
  10. I was pokin' around NW reading the news, and saw this... though it was HORRIBLE! VANCOUVER -- The federal government has quietly told Canada Border Services Agency officers to allow children to import tobacco products into Canada from foreign countries, an internal document obtained by Sun Media shows. Anti-smoking advocates and the border officers' union are shocked. "According to a legal opinion recently obtained by headquarters, federal and provincial laws on tobacco have no provisions to prevent the importation of tobacco products," reads a CBSA memorandum circulated in late 2007. "Border services officers should therefore no longer seize tobacco products imported by minors solely because they are minors." It means children any age can import tobacco into Canada, including taking advantage of duty-free exemptions. "Ethically and morally it's wrong," said George Scott, a national vice-president of the Customs Excise Union. Source: London Free Press
  11. Downloaded. Installed. Tried it for an hour. When I would go to post messages at forums, it would 'freeze' for 40+ seconds. Pages took 10-30% longer to load. Visited "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Explorer" ... it would take 30sec to load pics, then when I went "back" it would go back to my homepage (this was with ONE click of the "back" buttong). Uninstalled after an hr
  12. well it only took them 14 yrs right? *LOL*
  13. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...8/getitnow.mspx
  14. Some people try to toss "National Bank of Canada" in as the '6th bank."
  15. 1 - I'm a licensed Security Guard, people dislike me cuz they don't like authority. 2 - I'm licensed by the Municipality as a Municipal Enforcement Officer - I can do tickets, I haven't because I'm not at a condo.
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