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  1. Still can't find a solution for this Also, in my post above I forgot to mention I have integrated graphics, not dedicated. When I get home tonight I'm going to boot from my Ubuntu install on my external hard drive to see if it reports a higher battery life. If so, I'll know it's a software problem and do a clean install. If not, I guess I'll have to go without a computer for a week or so and send it in to Lenovo.
  2. Just re-installed every driver, and created a new power plan and still only reporting 5 hours and 8 minutes on 89% charge. Basic Mode in Power Manager reports 17 Watts being used when idle with Battery Stretch disabling the optical drive. I really do not want to format and do another fresh install, especially with no guarantee it will be then fixed.
  3. Could I have a link to one of those tutorials?
  4. Yup. I installed all the drivers from the download page at Lenovo where it asks you for your model, type, etc. The drivers need to be installed in a specific order? I was getting ~7 hours when I first got it, but apparently I could even squeeze another hour and a half out of that. Do I need to format again and do another re-install? Could it be the battery firmware? I don't think I noticed lack of battery life after I updated it, but that's the only logical thing I can think that would have caused it.
  5. Yup, I meant 8 hours + with WiFi. My power consumption is at a surprisingly high at 20-21 watts. I have no idea why. I've got unused parts disabled such as SD reader, Ethernet port, CD drive, and Firewire.
  6. I calibrated the battery a few days ago, but after calibration it was still showing 6 hours plus. I know I can change the power settings by clicking on the arrows/expanding, I just wanted to show it's not using power-hungry settings. Apparently there are people getting ~8 hours with a similar config
  7. I think I jinxed the battery life, hopefully it's an easy fix. 2 Days ago Windows reported over 6 hours of available battery life when charged to ~97% (approx. 6 1/2 hours). Beginning yesterday it only reports 5 hours and 10 minutes when charged to the same percentage. My power plan Any ideas before I call into Lenovo?
  8. The change of drivers helped, though I'm beginning to realize that a number of these freeze ups can be attributed to my lack of familiarity with multi-touch touchpads, resizing the page by accident, zooming in 200% etc. I'm using a DIR-628 in mixed n/g for compatibility with every other device in the house. 2.4GHZ because of that as well. When downloading files I've seen the wireless speeds go as high as ~725kb/s with my 5mbps connection. I can't seem to figure out my two missing drivers in device manager Any ideas? Here is the only picture I was able to take before the cheap AAs in my cheap DSC-W5 expired
  9. Monitor calibration helped a little bit. I bookmarked a guide on improving the display before I bought it, I'll do it once I install Firefox and Xmarks. As for the battery, I thought the goal was to only charge when needed, to expand the life span. I plan to set the minimum battery life at 30%, maximum at 85-90%. I'm having real trouble with the touchpad. It will become completely unresponsive for ~20 seconds. I read that others have had success in uninstalling the Lenovo driver and installing a Synaptics driver. I'm loving Wireless N. 117mbps in my house, versus the 54mbps I was getting previously. Still working on the pictures. May come tomorrow.
  10. UPS surprised me with a visit of an unhappy truck driver delivering my ThinkPad at 5 PM today Haven't really had time to play with it yet, just upgraded the stock stuff with the third part parts I had bought. I won't see it untill around 6PM tomorrow, then you may get your pics Quick Pros/Cons after ~2 hours of use + Built as advertised + Battery seems to be good, but it has been jumping around alot, we'll see. Pro for now. + Resoloution surprisly seems very suffcient + Keyboard is quiet + The volume controls! Stays on mute even after rebooting, love this small "feature + Intel, Win 7, Lenovo Enhanced stickers come off easy - Although bright, the screen is really lacking color, viewing angles aren't terrible, but there not good - QUICK access panel is quick to take off, NOT to put back on! - Needed a clamp type tool for some screws on the HDD caddy, insanely tight All minor issues, I am happy with it this far, but I really have barely used it. I wish I had Firefox installed, IE's lack of spell check is killing me... and it's 1:30 AM. Did a clean install of my own Win 7 Ultimate x64. Almost have all the drivers installed, not sure if I want the ThinkVantage suite. I'll definitly grab the Power Manager, not sure if I want any of the other ones.
  11. Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 20/07/2010. EDIT: Page refresh ftl Rescheduled Delivery Date:21/07/2010
  12. This is why I hate APH Networks... .... .... .... + Crucial CT25664BC1067 2GB 1X2GB PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 (~$70 After Taxes) + Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 500GB 7200RPM 16MB 2.5IN SATA2 Notebook Hard Drive (~85 After Taxes) Just ordered it. Total Cost = ~$1146 or Previous Desktop Setup + $300 Hope it's worth it :P
  13. Doesn't this already exist as Windows XP's repair option when booting from CD?
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