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  1. Still can't find a solution for this Also, in my post above I forgot to mention I have integrated graphics, not dedicated. When I get home tonight I'm going to boot from my Ubuntu install on my external hard drive to see if it reports a higher battery life. If so, I'll know it's a software problem and do a clean install. If not, I guess I'll have to go without a computer for a week or so and send it in to Lenovo.
  2. Just re-installed every driver, and created a new power plan and still only reporting 5 hours and 8 minutes on 89% charge. Basic Mode in Power Manager reports 17 Watts being used when idle with Battery Stretch disabling the optical drive. I really do not want to format and do another fresh install, especially with no guarantee it will be then fixed.
  3. Could I have a link to one of those tutorials?
  4. Yup. I installed all the drivers from the download page at Lenovo where it asks you for your model, type, etc. The drivers need to be installed in a specific order? I was getting ~7 hours when I first got it, but apparently I could even squeeze another hour and a half out of that. Do I need to format again and do another re-install? Could it be the battery firmware? I don't think I noticed lack of battery life after I updated it, but that's the only logical thing I can think that would have caused it.
  5. Yup, I meant 8 hours + with WiFi. My power consumption is at a surprisingly high at 20-21 watts. I have no idea why. I've got unused parts disabled such as SD reader, Ethernet port, CD drive, and Firewire.
  6. I calibrated the battery a few days ago, but after calibration it was still showing 6 hours plus. I know I can change the power settings by clicking on the arrows/expanding, I just wanted to show it's not using power-hungry settings. Apparently there are people getting ~8 hours with a similar config
  7. I think I jinxed the battery life, hopefully it's an easy fix. 2 Days ago Windows reported over 6 hours of available battery life when charged to ~97% (approx. 6 1/2 hours). Beginning yesterday it only reports 5 hours and 10 minutes when charged to the same percentage. My power plan Any ideas before I call into Lenovo?
  8. The change of drivers helped, though I'm beginning to realize that a number of these freeze ups can be attributed to my lack of familiarity with multi-touch touchpads, resizing the page by accident, zooming in 200% etc. I'm using a DIR-628 in mixed n/g for compatibility with every other device in the house. 2.4GHZ because of that as well. When downloading files I've seen the wireless speeds go as high as ~725kb/s with my 5mbps connection. I can't seem to figure out my two missing drivers in device manager Any ideas? Here is the only picture I was able to take before the cheap AAs in my cheap DSC-W5 expired
  9. Monitor calibration helped a little bit. I bookmarked a guide on improving the display before I bought it, I'll do it once I install Firefox and Xmarks. As for the battery, I thought the goal was to only charge when needed, to expand the life span. I plan to set the minimum battery life at 30%, maximum at 85-90%. I'm having real trouble with the touchpad. It will become completely unresponsive for ~20 seconds. I read that others have had success in uninstalling the Lenovo driver and installing a Synaptics driver. I'm loving Wireless N. 117mbps in my house, versus the 54mbps I was getting previously. Still working on the pictures. May come tomorrow.
  10. UPS surprised me with a visit of an unhappy truck driver delivering my ThinkPad at 5 PM today Haven't really had time to play with it yet, just upgraded the stock stuff with the third part parts I had bought. I won't see it untill around 6PM tomorrow, then you may get your pics Quick Pros/Cons after ~2 hours of use + Built as advertised + Battery seems to be good, but it has been jumping around alot, we'll see. Pro for now. + Resoloution surprisly seems very suffcient + Keyboard is quiet + The volume controls! Stays on mute even after rebooting, love this small "feature + Intel, Win 7, Lenovo Enhanced stickers come off easy - Although bright, the screen is really lacking color, viewing angles aren't terrible, but there not good - QUICK access panel is quick to take off, NOT to put back on! - Needed a clamp type tool for some screws on the HDD caddy, insanely tight All minor issues, I am happy with it this far, but I really have barely used it. I wish I had Firefox installed, IE's lack of spell check is killing me... and it's 1:30 AM. Did a clean install of my own Win 7 Ultimate x64. Almost have all the drivers installed, not sure if I want the ThinkVantage suite. I'll definitly grab the Power Manager, not sure if I want any of the other ones.
  11. Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 20/07/2010. EDIT: Page refresh ftl Rescheduled Delivery Date:21/07/2010
  12. This is why I hate APH Networks... .... .... .... + Crucial CT25664BC1067 2GB 1X2GB PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 (~$70 After Taxes) + Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 500GB 7200RPM 16MB 2.5IN SATA2 Notebook Hard Drive (~85 After Taxes) Just ordered it. Total Cost = ~$1146 or Previous Desktop Setup + $300 Hope it's worth it :P
  13. Doesn't this already exist as Windows XP's repair option when booting from CD?
  14. My budget isn't $1100 anyways, so that coupon doesn't affect me. I was referring to the $100 (pretty much the taxes) I was getting off the L series.
  15. Maybe, but I'll have a reasonable amount of money left in my pocket for the same specs. For someone who has been pleased with "consumer" laptops such as Acers in the past I'm not too worried about being disappointed with any business laptop. It's been put on hold for a week or so anyway, I'll miss this coupon code so hopefully a new one of greater value comes out when I am ready to order.
  16. TekSavvy 5M Down, .5 Up, Unlimited Bandwith $39.99/Month Can't wait till TS Cable is available in my area.
  17. Then 60% off that one I was referring to the first T410 config you did.
  18. I have the same price you do. The price and budget I have posted are after taxes, your prices seem to be before. I'd love a Thinkpad T mode, but unless a 30% coupon comes out in the next day then it doesn't look possible.
  19. True, but adding the 9 cell is only a $45 upgrade on the L series I selected still making it ~$120 more. I think that the L series will be the only Lenovo series tha fits my budget. As long as it still has the much better build quality that most consumer brands lack I'm ok with it. If it doesn't than I'm not sure a Lenovo will be right for me and I'll try to catch a Dell Studio on sale, although I would like a Lenovo. Between the 2 companies what ever is the best price/performance for under $900 after taxes is the one I'll pick, after asking here to make sure I don't pick the worst model
  20. That's still ~$170 more than the L series I chose after taxes. From what I can gather the main differences between the two are basically the T series has more reinforced hinges on the monitor, and a slightly less flexible touchpad as well as more rubberized surfaces?
  21. I'd like a laptop for basic web tasks, light multitasking that the HP nc6320 armed with a T2300 @ 1.66GHz, 1GB DDR2, 945GM I'm using now seems to do fine. I have a disease it seems many people who consider themselves computer enthusiasts have too, wanting overkill. That gaming PC I had (which you (chc) helped me piece to together at Neowin over a year ago) previously did everything I threw at it with ease, but burned up my room, was a little loud and wasn't portable. It was overkill. For my next computer purchase I am going to force myself to spend under $900 after it is fully complete. No upgrades necessary. I would like overkill, but only enough to make it "future proof" for 2-3 years. It will primarily be used for the following; - Web Browsing - Multitasking (Firefox, WinAmp, Mp3Tag, Photoshop, IM etc.) nothing huge. 4GB of RAM will be more than enough. - Burning CDs/DVDs - NO GAMING It will be in the house 90% of the time only moving room to room. Smaller form factor/weight is a plus as well as a high capacity battery. Durability is a plus, but I take good care. Something as durable, or slightly more than this nc6320 would be perfect. I'd also prefer a 7200RPM drive. As for storage 250GB minimum. Sound is irrelevant as I hope to score some Logitech Cinema Z 2.1's this week for $50 I realize for what I just listed a Core i3 may do the job but that's where the "future proofing" comes in. UNDER $900, after taxes, after shipping! I felt I needed to write this to prevent myself from ordering a $900+ computer, this post will help me more than you I'm thinking L series due to price. I might not be able to get the 9 cell battery or the webcam luxuries to make it comfortably fit the budget. As much as I want to wait for a notable sale I know how the waiting game works for hardware I think this is going to be my best option. ThinkPad L512 - Core i5-520M @ 2.4GHz - Integrated Intel HD Graphics (HM55 Express Chipset) - 4GB (2x2GB) PC3-10600 DDR3 - 320GB HDD 7200RPM - 6 Cell Battery Only thing I'm not entirely pleased with is the battery, not sure why though. 4 hours seems fine. If I ever needed 6+ a 9 cell could[/i] be acquired in the future. Price: $873.98 after taxes.
  22. Hmmm... Coupon code isn't working for the L512 EDIT: 20th time is the charm. EDIT 2: After having to account for PST the price is stil ~$60 more than the Ideapad. This may require some more thought, and probably means the Ideapad is going to be the purchase.
  23. Great find on that site. I'm about to go out but I'm going to configure some ThinkPads when I get home.
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