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  1. good times back in the day! I had my Q6600 from 2.4ghz up to 3.6GHZ for 10 years lol then my mobo/cpu crapped out
  2. a very eye opening video! http://mycatbirdseat.com/2015/11/putin-tells-everyone-exactly-who-created-isis/
  3. Wow chc you know everything they are projectors with good cutoff, I could careless what the beam 1 foot from thr car looks like. In that picture they are aimed down since I bought them used and I was raising them but I took a pic before. Yeah np shift
  4. the lights are just aimed down, they are FK angel eye projectors
  5. sorry to burst ur bubble guys but im not a ricer they are in a projector housing, and i went to that lot to adjust my headlights after just putting them in, so that picture was before the adjustment.
  6. thats a sick 850i, i wanted to buy one pretty badly a couple years back but here is my car, fresh with coilovers in this pic, i am gonna lower it another .75" next week, ill get some day time shots of it
  7. -- Rob -- Canada -- 2611 -- i think chc from CSS a looong time ago
  8. lol thats actually pretty cool
  9. doesn't seem like that big of an update ill keep my jailbreak
  10. obviously its a bad battery, gotta go in to get the phone replaced
  11. hows the battery life? might sell the iphone and get this.. kinda regret not going for the blackberry
  12. oh looks pretty cool! gotta install it after i get my iphone replaced, battery life is a mere 6 hours on standby
  13. nice review but i would want to see more pics of the screen itself and if it tilts or not
  14. here is the dyno run It made 220whp and 212tq. Thats bone stock with a cat, untuned on the factory ecu. Dyno man said to add 10% to the numbers cause of some misc. dyno factors and cause of the madd heat.
  15. http://i86.photobucket.com/albums/k101/MAJT2004/vagkraft%202009/45eef661.jpg heres another lol nice redesign of the site btw
  16. Check this out! Its a Civic hatchback, with a Acura 3.2L V6 Wedged inside! Its says VR6 since it was at a VW/Audi car show this morning!! http://photos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs149.snc1/5533_1094861825713_1651590083_332178_1446765_n.jpg
  17. honestly i would go for the 13" + the 250GB hard drive. Thats it.
  18. Completely blow over my post, thanks I had to go to apple and get a new phone because the button on mine was messed up (the top sleep button). Some apps would open/close isntantly on my phone, and the tech said it was the facebook app causing the problem
  19. ill be getting my phone today (monday) Should i install 3.0 from itunes then go to jailbrake? how does it work!!
  20. No its the iphone 3g. thats what i meant by regular lol
  21. well the rogers lady just called me. i cant get the 3GS iPhone for $229 unless i get data plan, which i dont and is another extra $30 per month. I can get the 16gb regular iphone for $229. Worth it?
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