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  1. There seriously something wrong on that setup.
  2. My friend have that board. It's not that bad. But Fans make noise, the board is green ugly. And it won't support 45nm Quads.
  3. I paid my MX Revolution for 70 last week. Personally, I would never buy a mouse that need an removable battery. Well, the VX is for notebook, so it must be a better choice in this case.
  4. It's not with a Netscape branded Firefox that they will get new users... what they tough?
  5. I'm getting a MX Revolution mice and F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, Nienor step to the Core 2 Duo... It will be a Pentium Dual-Core E2200 or an Core 2 Duo E4500 (both are same CPU at 2.2GHz on a 800MHz FSB, but the P D-C have 1MB disabled and it's named Pentium )
  6. I have 2 fans at the back and I never put my hand in them...
  7. Guys... it cost just little more than a Eee PC (the full model)...
  8. I will care only when it will hit the stores.
  9. Since you don't EVEN game, why not getting a freaking 8600GT... ¬¬
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