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  1. What's the difference between Chinese glass and the American glass aside from the actual branding on the glass itself.
  2. Dude all the Lambos people are buying here make me under-appreciate those super cars.
  3. Lol we have 150 down at our office and it was 50 down during the day - so yeah...streaming the Olympics LOL
  4. Yeah Vancouver's probably gotten worse in the last couple of years with traffic. It takes me on average 20 minutes to get out of Richmond from Steveston when it used to take me 10-15 minutes before.
  5. Home - was on 15/1 but upgraded to I think 25/5 plan a couple of months ago.
  6. The average for I4 Accord Sport (189HP vs 185 HP) is 28MPG (Approx 8.4L/100km) that's not bad because I'm going to assume there's a higher % of city driving in the states compared to where I live. My tank average so far (~200km) is about 9.5L/100km so I'm doing alright for 95% city. Best I can do is not lead foot the car Based on my limited experience from a trip to Calgary last summer they do quite a bit more highway driving than we do here too assuming you don't live out in Coquitlam / Port Moody.
  7. I don't seem to encounter that issue with mine, but I've been watching a few of this guy's videos and they might help if you're down for DIY fix if it's the same issue(s). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5XjO8h4lp0 I think he drives a 9th gen coupe. I'm pretty happy with getting the 9th gen 2016 - the mini facelift they did is very nice and the Canadian sport model comes with a load of features the american one doesnt have (Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, remote start, LED fog and DRL). I saw some videos of the 2018 model year in testing on Drive Accord forums and it's looking a lot like the 2016 Civic (don't really like the look from the rear)
  8. Yeah, we don't have nearly as many freeways as you do in Calgary too. My main drive into downtown Vancouver is literally all city driving (TONS of stop and go) Was able to get ~675km on my first tank which included a trip to Whistler (trip average was 5.5L/100km each way) but my daily commute I'll average 9-10 depending on traffic (10.5 on the worst day this week).
  9. 95% city driving 9L/100km for my first tank average. I drive about 18km per day. Damn that sucks. Luckily here we use mostly salt in the winter (when it decides to snow - it hasn't for the last 2 years) and no risk of rocks / sand scratching up the car aside from other drivers.
  10. Significantly better compared to my 2002 accord. Car tech has advanced so much in 12 years Otherwise I can't say how good the CVT is compared to the Automatic transmission in years past. I appreciate the improved gas mileage though haha. Yup self install. The car had the Honda sensing camera located on the right half of the dot matrix on the windshield so I had to put it a little bit lower - then fished the wire up the headliner and pulled out the rubber weather guard to hide the cabling in the A pillar. Zip tied the rest by the fuse by the gas pedals and it's looking pretty clean. Thanks! The choices were black, one of the white looking colors and modern steel metallic, seeing as how we get approx 9 months of rain starting about a month from now I chose the color that looks the cleanest when it inevitably starts raining here.
  11. Blackboxmycar.com - Got it for I think around $405 after tax which included the free hardwire kit for connecting the camera to your car's fuse - a 32GB SD card and 1 day shipping. The same camera @ BestBuy cost around $350 so I didn't get too bad of a deal out of it. The guy who owns that store is from Vancouver and is very knowledgable about dash cam tech and provides some great support as well.
  12. If his is Modern Steel Metallic then yes
  13. Pretty good! Fuel consumption much better than I got on my dad's 2002 I was driving before. Also got my dash cam installed (BlackVue 650GW-1CH) which is pretty much mandatory when you're driving around in Vancouver.
  14. It's been a while since I posted here....but Jonathan left me a Facebook message when I got it last week. I've joined the Accord 9th gen club https://www.instagram.com/p/BH-4HxKhAW8/?taken-by=wtfitsanthony
  15. Hey happy belated! Also sorry I couldn't meet up with any of you in Calgary last weekend - was much busier than anticipated!
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