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  1. Mine: ISP: http://www.bethere.co.uk/ Plan: Be Pro @ £22/month Speed: "Up to 24Mbit". In reality, I don't live 1 meter from the exchange, and since the UK's phone lines are a billion years old, I only get a rather crappy and slow speed of: Be are awesome though. I usually go through about 200GB of downloads a month, and sometimes anywhere up to 500GB, and they don't complain at all, or throttle the line or any crap like that (which a lot of UK ISPs do).
  2. Name: William Country: UK Posts prior to entering contest: 79 Referrer: chconline
  3. High resolution photos, and more, at Flickr.
  4. Name: William Hook. Country you are residing in: UK. Number of posts you currently have: 76. Referred by: chconline.
  5. Mmm, thanks chc. I don't really like the look of the case though, I might see if there's anything else I like (Lian Li seems a good choice. )
  6. Actually one of the main reasons I want this is actually FOR the X360 intergration.
  7. I'm looking to build a cheap server for use with Windows Home Server when it's released, and it'll be used as a file and media server (Xbox 360) only. I need this to be as cheap as possible, however it must be easily capable of running WHS, and must have at least 500Gb HDD space, with room for more drives. (And you can save on costs by using a motherboard with intergrated graphics, only a DVD-ROM drive, etc. )
  8. I need a powerful PC for under $3000 USD, that's capable of the usual daily stuff (internet, etc) and running modern games, such as Battlefield 2142, Splinter Cell Double Agent, plus the upcoming game Crysis (so it'll need a DirectX 10 card, and since I'll only be getting this PC later this year, try and include a rough estimate of what will be available). It must have at least: 160Gb of HDD space. Single relaible HDTV tuner (compatible with Windows Vista Media Centre). 17" or bigger widescreen LCD included in the price. Decent silver case with a window in the side. Price excludes: Keyboard and mouse. Speakers. Thanks. (Newegg or TigerDirect links, please. )
  9. How do you copy out of the command line?
  10. Connection: 256/64k connection (currently capped at 64kbps) on Telstra Bigbond ADSL. Running: Two torrents, one loading Firefox page, Windows Live Messenger. Location: Around 1km from the Doubleview Exchange, Perth, WA, Australia.
  11. My crappy mousepad, free from dad's office supply cupboard. And yes, the wallpaper and desk is only temporary, until we move into teh new house.
  12. Personally for a mousepad I grab the latest issue of PC User magazine and shove it in there!
  13. Yeah, took me three minutes. But then again, I am in Australia. Broadband Suckage Capital of the world.
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