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  1. aeroLai

    Cooler Master CK552 by Aaron Lai

    Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/cooler-master-ck552 A happy accident for sure haha.
  2. aeroLai

    Sennheiser CX Sport by Aaron Lai

    Thanks TL! Yeah you could say that. The water resistance is another physical difference, though it is not as visible haha.
  3. aeroLai

    ASUSTOR AS4002T by Jonathan Kwan

    It's been a while since we reviewed one of these. That glossy plastic hopefully does not become too NASty.
  4. aeroLai

    September 2018 Review Plans

    HyperX eh? Interested
  5. aeroLai

    NZXT H200i by Aaron Lai

    Yep it is! Haha definitely making me want to go on another road trip
  6. aeroLai

    Epic Yellowknife Road Trip from Calgary

    Haha sorry, I have been quite busy for the past few weekends and I haven't posted much for pictures. Here's what I got: In between our first and second night we stayed at Fort Vermillion, at a small bed and breakfast. However, this B&B also served as a helipad, so we saw a few helicopters Upon passing into NWT, we were greeted by a sign that you probably don't get to see very often Upon arriving the first night, it was raining and cloudy, so we all expected to not see any Northern Lights. We all started to turn in for the night, when my friend started shaking me and telling me to get up. The first thing we saw was the lights, directly from our apartment. So we frantically drove out at around 1 AM and pulled out our cameras. To be fair, it started getting a bit faint, but our cameras caught it a bit better than our eyes could. It should be noted this was shot in the middle of the dark, and only the long exposures made it look like there was a sunrise/sunset. Yellowknife has quite a bit of neat architecture and art on the streets alone, with lots of randomly painted dumpsters, as well as some other things. This was right in front of a bike shop haha. And this was one of the "townhouses" built into a rock cliff Also lots of water planes. @Big Bang This is how you should get to YK! If you do end up going, you do need to go to the MLA or Members of Legislative Assembly building. They offer free tours! Inside they have the large chamber where you can see above, but they also have a smaller meeting room which is built with some pretty slick acoustics in mind. Lots of nature to see in YK too. This was taken at Cameron Falls. Thankfully, we did not call it Canon Falls. (That's a 1DX haha) Finally, on the last night we went to the local Farmer's Market, where we saw lots of good eats. We also walked around some sketchy area and path, but thankfully we survived. Overall, it was a most enjoyable trip. By far one of the more spontaneous and less planned ones, but a place to meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and see lots more. Truly an APH Recommended trip I would recommend coming to Calgary to visit us! And then start a bit closer if you want to drive up there haha.
  7. I remember back in the days when some restaurants would have these huge rollers of towels, and you would pull it down like a paper dispenser, except it was just a large roll of cloth that kept going. I doubt that is a great idea, but I wonder where those went haha.
  8. aeroLai

    Crucial MX500 500GB (M.2) by Jonathan Kwan

    Good review, thanks chc!
  9. aeroLai

    Sennheiser CX Sport by Aaron Lai

    Welcome to APH gregzeng! Thanks for the post. You make some interesting points, so I wouldn't mind sharing a few things. This is fair to say that there is a lot of hardware testing rigs to test speaker sound quality, but I think it's also fair to say you wouldn't necessarily know if you like a certain speaker because of the output from these rigs. Obviously we don't have this sort of equipment to do testing to that extent, but my point here is more to say that sound signature preferences are very much a preference. Of course we do make statements in places where we can say one pair of headphones may provide better detail than another, but overall a lot of headphones still come down to a sort of preference thing. Completely fair points. More unknown brands may offer similar features like "water-resistance" and a certain battery life, but we also lose some niceties. And brand recognition is a big thing in North American markets. I think a lot of known brand products do not come with more choices, such as Comply foam ear tips, is probably just due to the fact the have enough of these different tips or fins to fit majority of their customers. They want to make money in as many places as possible, so I mean it is unsurprising they cut these things. I personally am fine with the set that was provided with the CX Sport, because this is on par with known competitive products. Like you said, a lot of the "knock-offs" have other tradeoffs, so which ones you buy is just up to what you value more. I would also be interested in reviewing these headphones from other manufacturers, but all in due time Agreed, I still enjoy wired connections more. This is why I'm sad more phones are dropping the 3.5mm jack I will keep this in mind with future reviews, but I can say that the CX Sport works with up to two devices remembered by the unit, but not transmitting and receiving to both devices. Again, thanks for the comments!
  10. aeroLai

    Sennheiser CX Sport by Aaron Lai

    Water resistance, ear fins, sporty colors haha. More in the review, since it's posted! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/sennheiser-cx-sport
  11. aeroLai

    NZXT H200i by Aaron Lai

    Indeed it is haha. Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/nzxt-h200i
  12. aeroLai

    ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO by Aaron Lai

    Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/roccat-vulcan-120-aimo