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  1. aeroLai

    SilverStone Nightjar NJ600 600W

    Article is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reports/silverstone-nightjar-nj600-600w
  2. aeroLai

    SilverStone Nightjar NJ600 600W

    Yep, you'll recognize the similar aesthetics from the get-go
  3. Yeah at least you get it covered by warranty, despite paying for shipping costs
  4. aeroLai

    February 2019 Review Plans

    Woot woot! Good to hear from them again XD
  5. aeroLai

    ROCCAT Renga Boost by Jonathan Kwan

    Dang, I was hoping these would be budget but good. That's too bad.
  6. aeroLai

    Tesoro Gram MX ONE by Aaron Lai

    No software at all. I personally like this option more, but to each their own. Agreed, the PBT keycaps is something I wish most keyboards would come with!
  7. De ja vu, I've been here in this place before
  8. aeroLai

    Tesoro Gram MX ONE by Aaron Lai

    Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/tesoro-gram-mx-one
  9. aeroLai

    Sennheiser CX Sport by Aaron Lai

    Welcome to APH twm53! Interesting. You bring up some fair points, including a larger idea of how different codecs may affect the wireless music listening experience overall -- but I think this is an idea for another article altogether. As for this particular review, we take the approach of testing headphones with a device that can provide the best experience possible, as a way not to "bottleneck" or hamper the performance of the headphones. The Sony Xperia X supports a variety of codecs, including aptX, AAC, and aptX HD, so I think it is a fair choice to use it for testing.
  10. aeroLai

    Tesoro Gram MX ONE by Aaron Lai

    Agreed -- the font on the keycaps is not my favorite.
  11. aeroLai

    Reeven Justice RC-1204 by Hai Wang

    Thanks for the review! This is definitely something we could look into for future reviews
  12. aeroLai

    Got a Logitech G920

  13. aeroLai

    Cooler Master MK730 by Aaron Lai

    Thanks guys! I am now using this keyboard as my daily driver. This is the reason why it is my every day keyboard now haha. As chc says, I think it's the foam internal that really sets the wrist rest apart from others. Yep, this was the TKL version of the MK750, hence the similar naming.