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  1. We have lots of things coming over the next months, especially after Computex.
  2. Guess it's time to buy a new router haha.
  3. Haha we definitely are working on the GPU/CPU/Mobo front. No promises, but it is something we want too.
  4. Both exist. Huawei is their "flagship" brand, while Honor is their sub-brand. What I meant to say is that Honor is their "value" brand, since these phones are more mid-range in pricing and performance.
  5. It has been a while since I have not had any products in the queue XD. We're all waiting for products really haha.
  6. Yeah the value proposition for Huawei phones, at least the ones that enter North American market, is more on their "Honor" phones, which is their sub-brand. It is funny that one of my friend's actually just picked up a P30 right before the ban was announced. I don't think I would change my phone until it breaks and even if it were to, Huawei/Honor was far down on my list.
  7. Thanks guys! Yeah it sorta depends on where people want to squeeze their wallets in terms of buying parts, but I think for a budget drive this is pretty awesome.
  8. Wait no longer https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/western-digital-blue-sn500-nvme-ssd-500gb
  9. Yes and no? I generally find that at least with NZXT cases, they have enough side ventilation at the front such that we don't see the same flaws. My concern with these cases that utilize glass front panels is that they literally sit in front of the fan with only maybe a few millimeters of separation. You can see how the gap between is a bit less than the diameter of the audio port (obviously the image isn't that precise, but you get my point). On the other hand, the H200i and H700i has a massive gap on the left and right side between the front panel and where the fans mount. Even so, thanks for the review Hai!
  10. Looks good, i'm surprised they give free tire shining hahaha.
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