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  1. Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/noctua-nt-h2-na-scw1
  2. Haha Hai seems to cover all the Reeven things
  3. Woot Seagate storage! And moar fans! APH Networks loves their fans
  4. Those side tabs, are they to make the XPG label easier to remove? Nice shots!
  5. I'd presume so, except with many more ports haha.
  6. The newer switches feel relatively similar to the older ones. Keeps a relatively light feel, but still a good audible response. I've only used the older 700 a few times, so I'll let the @chconline speak to this.
  7. Mmm that is a fair point, especially since the numbering is higher so you might expect "more features". However, the '+' part of the sensor is for lift off distance, something I'm not really convinced a mouse needs a dedicated sensor for.
  8. I think trucks are a pretty big seller here in Canada, but I'm not sure if I do
  9. Mostly updated sensor + switches. Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/steelseries-rival-710
  10. De ja vu, I've been here in this place before
  11. You might find it odd that I'm looking at a 2016 phone in late 2017, but this is pretty much the story of all my Android devices. After my LG G3 died abruptly, I was back to searching. In Canada, buying unlocked phones is not exactly the easiest of experiences, as selection is few and prices are high. Thankfully, the American store B&H Photo Video sells unlocked phones for relatively cheap. My last two choices were the Moto G5 Plus and the Sony Xperia X. By the title of the topic, you can tell I went with the latter. I chose this over the G5 Plus purely because I thought this looked better. Performance wise, the two are relatively similar, though I'm sure some will tell me that "new is always better". Anyways, I ended up paying $230USD + taxes and shipping. This came out to about $250 USD or ~$310 CAD. Ordered on September 4th and received eight days later. As promised, here is a short overview of the phone. As this is the first white phone I have purchased, I must say it is quite the looker. Unlike my LG G3, and my HTC One X+, this phone finally features some more premium build materials. This means glass on the front as usual, but metal on the sides and the back. Otherwise, the left side holds the SIM + microSD card tray, while the right has three sets of buttons. The top is the power button, followed by a volume rocker, and a dedicated camera shutter button. It definitely is nice to have this dedicated button, though I am also quite used to the on screen shutter now. At the back we have the 23MP camera, with an LED flash underneath. The all back metal is really a looker for me, though I know pretty much every premium phone has this. Otherwise there is not too much to see here. All my Androids (From left to right we have the HTC One X+, Sony Xperia X, LG G3) You can see the Xperia X slots between my two previous phones in terms of height, though the Xperia X is practically the same width as the G3. When I first turned on the X, I was quite surprised at all the updates I received. While Sony gets a lot of flack for making relatively plain looking phones without much innovation, their software updates is excellent. I received a total of twelve security updates, including the September 2017 Android security patch, while also bumping my phone up to Android 7.1.1. Sony says Android 8.0 Oreo should be coming too, but I will see when it arrives. While I have been using the phone for about two weeks, I think the Sony skin over Android is average, though it does not necessarily add a whole lot of features or enhancements. The user interface is relatively stock, and the phone never really stutters. What really amazes me is the battery life, though this could be more a symptom of having such garbage battery life on my G3 and the HOX+. Either way, I'm pretty happy. While I spend a lot of time talking about photography for phone reviews, I generally do not take many photos. A key reason is the photo above, which is the Canon 80D + 24-105 F4L I have around. It is not a light camera by any means, but I really like this camera way more. Even so, this photo was taken with the Xperia X, and in decent lighting it can capture pretty good detail. Obviously when you pixel peep, there are definite flaws, but it is definitely a usable shot. In lower lighting, the Xperia X does struggle, and there is a noticeable amount of noise. Even so, I am quite happy with the camera. If you have any questions, feel free to respond. I also have a Moto E4 coming due to some cheap sales, and I will post about that later on.
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