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  1. Haha it just looks small when not compared to anything else Yeah it's sorta disappointing, but I would also expect they would raise the cost by about another $10, which I'm not sure is necessary. Agreed, it's pretty cool and quiet In my own rig now haha.
  2. Yeah I compared the YU6 with the HD6. I think the Audioengine has the Kantos beat in most areas in terms of sound, though this is not too surprising considering the wide price gap between the two. If anything, I like the aesthetics of the Kantos more, just for their rounded edges, but that is more up to you. Let us know what you end up getting!
  3. Woot woot! This means more products at APH!
  4. Lol I definitely did not see the speedometer until now XD
  5. Thanks for the review Ben! Decent looking case.
  6. Awesome review Hai! I really like the way this case looks.
  7. Review is up! https://aphnetworks.com/reviews/noctua-nh-u12a
  8. That looks like some interesting ventilation with a vertical airflow. Sort of reminds me of SilverStone's cases.
  9. Huh not the first V-MODA that isn't amazing, but still that battery life 😕
  10. I think they maybe outsourcing their lower end models. Either way, it's a bit disappointing 😕
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