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  1. I suggest you add Datacolor Spyder pro display calibration device to your system.
  2. Me and both my dogs cannot hear higher than 14k so I suspect my computer setup more than my ears....
  3. I recommend not buying any video capture card at all because they are all junk (at least all those I tested). I got many different problems ranging from incompatibilities with specific OS, bad audio synchronization, blurry video, cuts out like running out of bandwidth..... The thing is if you do a very short movie of about 1 minute it may be ok, but as soon as you try to capture over an hour non-stop, you just can't rely on the integrity of your capture. The only solution I found giving me 100% satisfaction is a combo VHS-DVD recorder (Toshiba DVR7)
  4. It's supposed to average 15L/100Km , it's only 295 hp ..... it was full when it came in and I only tried it for a total of 4-5 kilometers.
  5. It's a 1992 850i with V12 engine.... I had to try it after repair, but I didn't bring this one home... This was the first time in my life I worked on a V12 engine.... They told me this car was sold for about an hundred thousands dollars back in '92... It has a special arrangement... It's like having 2 motors in one car, dual injection computers, dual distributors, dual fuel pumps and so on....
  6. Look at what I was fixing last friday.....
  7. well, an accident could happen to anybody.... don't forget a car is just material, and it's part of my job to make sure I deliver something working...it's a responsibility, not a privilege!
  8. no.... I've been working as technician for a BMW dealer for the last 13 months and it happened like about 15 times I had the chance to come back home with some nice cars or SUVs overnight with the approbation of customer.... I live 32 kilometers away from the garage, so it's a great opportunity for me to properly road test when needed so I can confirm my repair is effective before handling the vehicle back to customer. Those pictures had been taken last summer, right now you don't see the grass at all because it's all covered with snow.
  9. See this one in my driveway, it not mine I only had it for one night.... but at 70 km/h you can be in 1st gear, or you can be in 2nd, or 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th... anyone you choose will do it up the hill!
  10. Yeah the floppies..... the 5.25 360kb drive was single sided, but we were buying double sided floppies and used a knife or a punch to make a hole on the other side to remove the write protection so we could use it upside down in the drive and use the other side as if it was another disk. and then we had the 3.5 720kb floppies we were drilling a hole in the plastic to be able to use it as high-density and put 1.4mb on it!
  11. Joc

    Logitech G940

    I have nothing against the price it cost to ship, I was just telling that it would be ridiculous to go from Ontario to Quebec passing by British Columbia.... For the rest, in my opinion, the fact remains that the "NCIX's real time stock checker" should be revised because for me it's always a gamble how long it's gonna take to get something home.... When I order for example from TigerDirect, if the website says that they have it stock, I know it will always get home by fourth business day no exceptions and this is one plus value to me. I like NCIX for sometimes carrying things that others don't have, and I've always got 5 stars service when I had trouble with some new merchandise.... beside the story about the XFX unregistered within time lifetime warranty gfx card that was not even mine and I finally have chosen to pay from my own pocket to get a replacement from ebay to satisfy my customer because of my own mistake of not reading all the literature that came with it, I tough they would have given a push for me..... but anyway this is not what I want to debate here...
  12. Joc

    Logitech G940

    Thanks for those explanations, I still have a couple of question.... the first one is geographic... so am I true to think that my joystick is traveling from point 5 to point 6 passing by point 1 ? because in that case, it's a hell of a ride for 18$ don't you think? The second one is about inventory... sometimes I order stuff for people, telling them "whatever website" have it stock and they will have to wait a week to get it.... I remember one time I had to take my car and run to a local store and pay full local price from my own pocket to deliver a computer that was promised two weeks before the ordered "in stock" part's came in.... This time it's a joystick for myself it's not urgent at all besides the fact I can't wait to try it but sometimes it is.... so what should be my guidelines to be able to evaluate myself if the part that I want to order is going to be home within a week or within a month?
  13. Joc

    Logitech G940

    nope, they charge as you order...... by the way, I finally received shipment confirmation yesterday night.... so it may be here by the end of next week.... but then I'll be out of town for a week and I don't plan to install FSX on the laptop
  14. Joc

    Logitech G940

    Ok but I mean it's been ordered on january 23rd, is it really normal not to have been shipped yet (I mean they have some at store AND warehouse) ? I wonder witch will come first.... the merchandise or the credit card bill? LOLLLLL nope..... 17.77$ purolater ground + 5.75$ shipping insurance (tough it was an insurance they would ship but I think I was wrong)
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