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  1. I got my copy of FF XIII in January. If I were to make a comparison, the general feeling of the game is like FFX. The main story is super easy with little challenging elements. It's like watching one long movie with some player interaction. The game basically holds your hand throughout the game by putting save points every 10 yards, and allows the option of resetting a fight at the press of a button. The combat system is fun though. Unlike other FF games, the system is deceivingly fun for the min-maxer because everything is done in real time -- I described it as deceiving, because you only get to micro-manage one character. With that being said, I play Demon's Souls more often, simply because its hard-coreness appeals to me the most.
  2. This method of engaging a disabled person only applies to situations where you are actually involved in the person's social life (ie. you are his classmate, or you go to work with him). If a severely handicapped individual says "you have no idea what I'm going through," telling him to man up is not the best response. The best you can do to help is to engage in active listening, not give him more "advice." I'm not saying that a mod should intervene and censor some posts. I'm just saying that the content of some posts, contrary to what you're suggesting, is not "helping" MoM cope with his prescription drugs/mental problems. My point isn't about how the internet community should be accepting of all people, which I already stated twice. I have the least sympathy for internet drama and alike. What I am suggesting is that: - If you think you're helping a disabled person, or anybody with social problems by being "brutally honest," you probably aren't, especially when you aren't closely associated to him. - Trolling or flaming him is perfectly fine if it's your thing. It's just not the same thing as helping him cope with his problems.
  3. Not that I'm advocating for 3 day showers, greasy hair is not necessarily a direct consequence of infrequent showers. A lot of shampoos have harsh chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils, which causes the scalp to produce more oil than usual. Most people are fine with just taking a shower a day, but some people would have a more severe case of greasy hair that might be caused by excessive shampooing. You can remedy such a situation by consulting with a dermatologist, using shampoo every other day (if you bathe everyday), or to find a sulphate-free shampoo.
  4. Berating somebody through a forum is not going to encourage anybody to do anything. Try putting yourself in MoM's shoes -- he has already described his disability in a most indiscreet manner, and said that none of you would understand what he's going through. The best thing to do in this case is to stop telling him what to do, because no amount of armchair therapy is going to diffuse a complex situation like this. If you were his close friend and you knew him personally, by all means. The fact of the matter is that the only association between MoM and some abusive posters on the board is through the forum community. Just by reading some of his previous posts, it's quite obvious that MoM doesn't appreciate the "motivation" some of you guys are imposing upon him. It is very much abusive, since some people take the internet seriously and it has taken an emotional toll on MoM. Why else would he say that the forums make him feel like breaking the door down, or trashing his computer? Of course, if the abusers just want to flex their epeens and troll MoM, there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't mistake their actions for genuine desire to help somebody. Big Bang's post for example, is dripping with insincerity and childishness: lol LOL I've been traveling around the world... of warcraft. That's quite irrelevant. It is abundantly clear from reading a few posts in this thread that the level of antagonism toward MoM on this board is making him feel very uncomfortable. A self-pitying, socially anxious person is not going to suddenly become the life of the party after reading a few encouraging posts on the internet. Only when the subject recognizes his problem and has a true desire to rectify his situation will he be willing to accept advice and words of encouragement. This has obviously not happened since he continues to refer to the amount of stress he gets from reading the posts of some abusive posters here, and the manner which you berated his efforts in attaining a degree does not help at all. If you want to feel good about yourself by telling a man to "straighten up" like one would tell a homeless person to get a job/stop being so lazy, I'm not going to stop you. Just try not to convince yourself that you're doing any good to MoM by berating him in such a manner.
  5. Some of you guys are really elitist when it comes to education and occupations in general. One can be perfectly happy working a factory or customer service job, while a T1 law school graduate who makes 200K/yr as a freshly minted bachelor would feel perpetually stressed out from the amount of work involved in the industry. It's easy to say "get a job" or "get an education" when you're a healthy-grown individual with a great social circle to support you. Some people are not as fortunate, and there are plenty of things in life that can impede one's effort to become socially integrated, or find the motivation to find a job/apply to college. It's important to encourage people to do something with their life, but it's also prudent to be sensitive and considerate when you do so. Berating somebody with empty words like "get a degree" or to simply "get a counselor" instead of sitting around doing nothing isn't going to help, especially if you don't even know the person, and you weren't asked for encouragement/advice in the first place.
  6. I passed the class 5 on my first try a few years ago. I also failed the learner's 3 times in a row, all of them by 1~2 points. I can't give any meaningful tips on passing the road test, and I sure won't have to give any tips on passing the written test since everyone here probably passed it on their first try.
  7. For the longest thread, 9 pages in months is pretty lame.
  8. Why would you be embarrassed, is there a stigma attached to an American Idol winner?
  9. What does this have to do with anything
  10. Well I have no idea what a computer business would be like (I guess a non-franchise shop would rely mostly on referrals), I'm sure you would have a much better idea than me on that area. I wouldn't know what you're planning to do with your degree, but sampling some of the classes seem like a good idea if you do go back to school. I wished I went into open studies so I could explore the liberal arts courses.
  11. Starting your own business is by no means something to 'fall back on'. What kind of business are you looking to start (what skills have you acquired from other jobs/education which you can transplant to your own business)? No offense, "why not" is an extremely bad reason to start a business, especially if you can't find other jobs or have your own trade. Is there a reason you applied only for retail positions? Food service, courier, grocery, and other industries always need entry level guys to do the crappy/tedious work. If you are serious about college but aren't really sure what the programs are about (beyond what the pamplets say), you should take some summer courses (usually June/July/early August) while doing your day job
  12. It just makes it easier to see (which is why there is no improvement in accuracy).
  13. Now that the chc has had enough encouragement, he's off studying his aphnetworks.com off to reverse the unfortunate slips of first semester.
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