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  1. CrashGordon

    Got a Logitech G920

    Something like this? Watched that same car at RA back in the day
  2. CrashGordon

    Got a Logitech G920

    Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB)
  3. CrashGordon

    Got a Logitech G920

    Think it uses the baked in generic Windows drivers.
  4. CrashGordon

    Got a Logitech G920

    I do and have been looking at the G920, just haven't done it yet.
  5. CrashGordon

    Got a Logitech G920

    That was a good deal and sweet wheel. it is a shame they don't include the H shifter, but thats how they get ya. Chasing the pedals is a pain. Should retire the MS Sidewinder wheel I've had since 2001 or 2002. Paddle likes to shift up 2 gears unless you hit it in the sweet spot.
  6. CrashGordon

    Has Messenger rendered Skype obsolete?

    Used to use Skype exclusively, now I never turn it on because everyone else is using Hangouts or Messenger.
  7. CrashGordon

    Epic Yellowknife Road Trip from Calgary

    That looked like a fun trip. Did that road live up to it's name?
  8. Haven't been to/in a mall for a decade or so. I can get whatever I need from somewhere with less people and traffic, especially with the ability to get just about anything online.
  9. CrashGordon

    New Setup (2018)

    I like it. Looks to serve a few functions too.
  10. CrashGordon

    Do you guys still use Facebook?

    I still use it, but mostly just for family and some friends. I go by the "if you don't want something out there, don't put it out there" rule. lol
  11. CrashGordon

    New Setup (2018)

    Looks slick as always! That red bracket or "beauty panel" running from top to bottom is... different.
  12. CrashGordon

    CrashGordon's Home Renovation Project

    Thats what I upgraded from.
  13. CrashGordon

    Stephen Hawking: Visionary physicist dies aged 76

    Sad day for Humankind. Why do I have this feeling like the world just got dumber?
  14. CrashGordon

    CrashGordon's Home Renovation Project

    ^Ha I don't use the current T-stat (5+2 Day Programmable) to it's full potential. When it's on, it's set at it's temp and left alone, mainly because someone is almost always home.