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  1. Haha it was about 12:35am here in Sydney. I was on Facebook and decided to check the APH Networks page, and ... the rest is history
  2. Haha well... you win. I can't argue with Gandalf - what a baws. In related news, 1,122 likes so far!
  3. Sweet, I see you got my offline message Yep, I probably wouldn't put it that way, but well said by TL6MT What a baws. (literally haha)
  4. Haha you're very observant The BitFenix stuff arrived on Tuesday. Between my final exam on Wed and work (Thu/Fri), I probably won't be updating much of the review until Friday evening (Aus time). It should largely be done by mid-next week though.
  5. This contest is really going well so far! I think making it international has definitely helped. I have several friends here in Australia who would be really interested in such a contest, so
  6. Wow. Those photos are seriously awesome. Looking forward to the review!
  7. Yeah, it is (or was yesterday haha) Remembrance Day here in Australia. Really thankful for the people who put their lives on the line for our country. And the timing was epic. Cue all the Facebook "11/11/11 11:11" status updates (and yes, I'm a culprit ) In other news, today's Affiliates Article Roundup: http://aphnetworks.com/news/2011/11/11/articles-roundup-veterans-day-111111-edition See the post timing
  8. Sweet. So clone -> align. Got it. BTW thanks for sending across those tools the other day, haha. I still haven't done it yet, but I'll stuck into it this afternoon I also got a G.SKILL 8GB memory kit to add to my already existing 8GB. Memory usage (or lack thereof ) FTW, yo: Surprisingly, the RAM section of my Windows Experience Index (hardly a definitive gauge of performance, I know) went from 7.8 down to 7.6 after installing the additional memory. I guess that's because the new kit runs at 1333MHz, rather than the 1600MHz of the original kit. Can someone confirm that? And yes, photos will be coming soon.
  9. I am the proud owner of a Patriot Pyro 120GB SSD, courtesy of Jonathan I already have a G.SKILL Phoenix EVO 115GB model. Having set up Windows 7 and configured it to my liking about 3 months ago, I'm not keen on doing that again anytime soon. I've read about issues with partition alignment and possible impact on performance as a result of SSD-to-SSD imaging. Has anyone had experience with cloning an SSD? Is there any software you'd recommend? Edit: so after some more Googling, I found that it has something to do with partition alignment. Time for some more exhaustive research, haha.
  10. Woah, screwdriver and 2.5" enclosure... that's pretty good service if you ask me. How much more does the regular version cost off the shelf? I'd definitely get an upgrade kit if I got one of these. It's definitely handy to have the extras. Offtopic: nice L-series lens shot, yo.
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